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Here’s a good one: banning Native immigration!

And Native foreign trade.

Think about the reasons behind this funny-seeming social engineering…

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úkuk táx̣am pi ɬún íkta ɬáska wáwa
this ten and three thing they talk

‘The thirteenth thing that was discussed.’

The said tribes and bands finally agree not to trade at Vancouver’s Island, or
úkuk s(h)áwásh-tílixam wə́x̣t ɬáska ɬúsh-wáwa, hílu áɬqi ɬáska ɬátwa ínatay sáltsəqw
these Indian-people also they good-say, not later they go across saltwater
‘These Indian people also promise that they will not cross the saltwater’

pus mákuk íkta kʰapa kʰinchóch-ílihi, bástən-tílixam ɬáska mamuk-ním úkuk buy in English-land, American-people they make-name this
‘to buy or sell things in Canada, the Americans call it’

< Vancouver’s Island >, pi
Vancouver’s Island, and
‘Vancouver’s Island, and’

elsewhere out of the dominions of the United States, nor shall foreign Indians
hílu ɬáska ɬátwa qʰá ɬáx̣ani kʰapa bástən-ílihi pus mámuk kákwa, pi hílu ɬáska mámuk
not they go anywhere outside from American-land to do so, and not they make
‘they will not go anywhere outside America to do so, and they will not act’

pus ɬáksta s(h)áwásh-tílixam
in.order.that anyone Indian-people
‘such that any Indian people’

be permitted to reside in their reservations without consent of the
cháku kʰapa ɬáx̣ani bástən-ílihi pus míɬayt kʰapa úkuk chxí s(h)áwásh-ílihi pus wík
come from outside American-land to be.located on this new Indian-land if not
‘come from outside the United States to be on this new Indian land unless’

superintendent or agent.
yáka wáwa ɬúsh úkuk bástən tənəs-táyí kʰapa úkuk s(h)áwásh-tílixam.
he say good this American little-chief to these Indian-people.
‘the American supervisor of these Indians says it is all right.’

This Article had two motivations.

It was intended to weaken British influence among Pacific Northwest Indians. The Hudsons Bay Company had established a track record of good relations with them — unlike American settlers and government — so I can grasp why the US government that was forcing the Native people onto reservations would attempt to limit their exposure to greener grass on the other side of the fence.

Additionally, settler (White) merchants needed local Indians’ money. Whether spent by individual Indians, or by Indian Agent on their behalf, proximity to a reservation held out possibilities for a great deal of trade.

What do you think about this social engineering?

It’s an excellent illustration of the complicated history that you might miss out on if you didn’t