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Lightning from Lower Chehalis

The heavy weather theme continues: I’m struck by ‘lightning’.



Our New Alaska (1886)

If I’m going to do a multi-part series on ‘rain’ in Chinook Jargon, I can do no better than to head to Southeast Alaska…

When it rains…

…there are more thoughts about rain. So today…

New light on rainy weather

“Perhaps it was onomatopoetic, inspired by the sound of drops hitting the top of an overturned canoe.”

Nootka Jargon in Haida territory

Regarding the mists of pre-Chinuk Wawa history, we can just make out that a couple of earlier pidgin languages entered the DNA of our Jargon…

The squeaky wheel…

Just in case this hasn’t already drawn attention to itself 🙂 

Culture contact: Thanksgiving

ɬush masi-san! (Happy Thanksgiving!) That Chinuk Wawa sentence captures the culture contact that we Americans like to see as the basis of our Thanksgiving observances today.

Translator, traitor: Col. Benjamin Shaw

There’s an old European concept: in Italian, traduttore — tradittore; in Hungarian a fordítás ferdítés; in English, “translator: traitor”. The concept that you’re putting your life in the hands of the person who conveys your… Continue reading

Grand Round reservation, 18__

Albert B. Meacham (1826-1882) is remembered as one who was energetically sympathetic to the Native people of the Pacific Northwest.