Monthly Archive: February, 2019

Who Will Be Here

A genre of Chinuk Wawa literacy that we’re building quite the file of: the invitation (and the RSVP)…

Hand in mouth?

Chinuk Wawa was important for non-Whites’ testimony in frontier courts of law, as we so often find…

Sahalie Club organized

How fitting that a club called < Sahalie > ‘high; elevated’ had an elaborate hierarchy — in Chinuk Wawa.

La Chinuka Interlingvo per Esperanto

Can my readers help out?

Political dirty tricks (& a word discovery) in Chinuk Wawa

Election meddling, to skew the minority vote turnout? Old news…

Milling in Early Days

One interesting feature of this really interesting feature is the way it shows how frontier-era Chinuk Wawa speakers were highly aware of the quality of their own Jargon…

El Comancho — nationally syndicated?!

Walter Shelley “El Comancho” Phillips was quite the self-promoter…

Sin as a Jargon word (kinda the opposite of ‘sin’)

Not a word most of us would use every day, but it reflects a certain reality…

B.C. Black History, Indigenous race relations, plus Bostons & Chinese

Mifflin Wistar Gibbs (1823-1915) was a remarkable person.

Indian vs. Chinaman

The “[Denis] Kearney logic” that the writer accuses today’s Indigenous speaker of is a late-1800’s “build the wall” paranoia about China…expressed in Chinook Jargon!