Monthly Archive: January, 2013

A newly invented writing system for Chinook Jargon

A newly invented writing system for Chinook Jargon: It’d been a while since I’d talked much Chinuk Wawa to my kids. Like, since the second-oldest was a toddler. This evening, when she and… Continue reading

Chinook ham

When I came upon the phrase “Chinook ham” in my studies, I had to pause. Not to refresh my memory; I’d never heard this term previously.  Have you? But I wondered: was this… Continue reading

‘Stick Indian’ shows ‘As It Happens’ how we roll…the tape

While doing other chores, my ears pricked up this evening hearing CBC Radio’s ‘As It Happens’ program. The host was saying ‘We contacted Sylvia Minthorn’ about something or other–and I thought, well now,… Continue reading

14 years ago this week in the CHINOOK list (January week 3)

CHINOOK archives – January 1999, week 3 Table of contents: A bit more on chance similarities/ was Re: Salishan-Wakashan A couple of suggestions about pre-CJ “Nootka Jargon” A couple of suggestions about pre-CJ… Continue reading

Andy Brown sings a Chinook Jargon drinking song

At the Alaska Native Language Center online archives site, you can listen as “Andy Brown sings a Chinook Jargon drinking song.” In the 1975 Ahtna Noun Dictionary by Mildred Buck and James Kari, Andy… Continue reading

Te Deums: Hyas soclee tyee

Found in The Atlin [BC] Claim, Saturday, April 21, 1900, page 4, column 3. A classic 19th-century newspaper doggerel poem, which assumes the reader understands ‘Chinook’, titled Te Deums: TE DEUMS. “The Prince of… Continue reading

14 years ago this week on the CHINOOK list

CHINOOK archives – January 1999, week 2   Table of contents: “SET CHINOOK NOMAIL” “The Vancouver Chinook” note (fwd) File: “LISTSERV REFCARD” (fwd) (More on) SET CHINOOK NOMAIL, SET SALISHAN NOMAIL Addendum: Kitsilano/Kahtsahlano… Continue reading


When I noticed that web searches for “piltonson” were landing at this blog, I had to investigate. Did someone give me an insulting Chinuk Wawa nickname?  🙂 …”Pilton” means “crazy”… Then I realized… Continue reading

Taylor Ikt, Taylor Mokst, Taylor Klone and Taylor Lakit

In the [Port] Alberni [BC] Advocate of February 27th, 1914, on page 2, column 1, is an item titled “Kew Flagstaff”. Alberni Advocate 02 27 1914 – Taylor Ikt Mokst Klone Lakit It deals… Continue reading

POLL: What to call this language?

Someone asked me on Facebook what we should call this language. She’d been told that some names for it might have negative connotations for certain people. Would you vote for your top 2… Continue reading