Monthly Archive: January, 2021

Is kʰanákʰa a loan from sailors’ English?

We know that the Chinuk Wawa word for Pacific Islanders comes from a Hawai’ian one…

Lempfrit’s legendary, long-lost linguistic legacy (part 1)

A document of Grand Ronde’s past that I thought was just a rumour, or was lost, has turned up, thanks to Prof. Peter Bakker.

Pre-1924: Another CW “so help me God”

(Image credit: “The Siwash”, page 22) These keep turning up!

Chief Louis Clexlixqen and BC’s French of the Mountains

Quite a late issue of Kamloops Wawa (October 1905, Number 215) has no Chinuk Wawa in it, but its handwritten (mimeographed) French contents tell us something remarkable about frontier-era BC.

1908: Mrs. Codfish couldn’t even talk Chinook!

Amazing how many racist assumptions one Settler reporter could pack into a brief local news piece…

1896: Chief Andrew of North Thompson teases Chief Louis of Kamloops

Two Secwépemc chiefs show that they like each other…

Alsea addendum

Today I will add to my previous scattered remarks about the Alsea (Yakonan family/isolate) language and its traces of Chinuk Wawa.

Potatoes Illahee, and a BC CW word

I thought it would be good to pull together various evidence that poteito(s) was a BC Chinuk Wawa word. 

Of tumtums and tom-toms, and 2 kinds of Indians

Hayu masi to reader Heath Daniel Billingsley, who sent me a link to a really great article…

The worst insult in Chinuk Wawa?

Some of you are muttering “dog”, but hear me out…