Monthly Archive: September, 2020

“Resumptive pronouns” & definiteness effects

The following is excerpted from one of our recent Saturday learning sessions on Zoom, and I think it includes new discoveries.

1862: Travels in British Columbia by Barrett-Lennard

There isn’t a ton of “Chinnook” Wawa in today’s featured book, but it’s nonetheless a snapshot of early coastal BC use of this language.

Why ípsət is NOT from Salish

An etymological idea that we can shoot down…

pre-1857: “Siwash coat”

Another tidy morsel of linguistic archaeology for you…

míməlus(t) as a noun, and linguistic anthropology

Thanks to Coquelle Thompson of Siletz, we can clarify a gap in our knowledge of Chinuk Wawa.

Serial verbs as a local “accent” in Victoria Chinuk Wawa

Keeping this simple, I think I can still get the point across easily…

“Father Hennessy” of the Chilcotin

from Google Books A younger priest who came to help a younger priest who came to help Kamloops’s famous Father Le Jeune…

Just a rumour? Reinterpreting Leechman’s 1910s Chinuk Wawa “songs”

I recently read Stefan Dollinger’s entertaining book “Creating Canadian English: The Professor, the Mountaineer, and a National Variety of English“, and encountered in it an exciting claim…

=na =na =na =na, =na =na =na =na, hey hey hey, data!

Howdy folks, I started an essay on what we know about the Yes/No particle =na, and it surprised me by getting complicated…

A long shot, but worth it: French beaver terminology & ‘rain’

Could old fur-trade French have something roundabout to do with the longstanding mystery of Chinuk Wawa’s word for ‘rain’?