Monthly Archive: September, 2020

1891: The Oath, and Settler supremacy

We know Chinuk Wawa was used in court testimony all around the Pacific Northwest, but mysteries have persisted around this subject…

Bless my soul, yet another Stó:lō Salish religious word in Kamloops CW

Verse 12, in a Chinuk Wawa translation of the old Catholic hymn “Stabat Mater”, reveals yet another Salish treasure…

So, what can & can’t we put =na on?

What kinds of words and phrases allow the early creolized Chinuk Wawa “Yes/No Question” marker =na?

Research recommendation: SWORP

I want to say one word to you. Just one word.

Again, Métis “French of the Mountains” influence?

In our Saturday (09.26.2020) CW Zoom session, a minor tangent emerged…

“Resumptive pronouns” & definiteness effects

The following is excerpted from one of our recent Saturday learning sessions on Zoom, and I think it includes new discoveries.

1862: Travels in British Columbia by Barrett-Lennard

There isn’t a ton of “Chinnook” Wawa in today’s featured book, but it’s nonetheless a snapshot of early coastal BC use of this language.

Why ípsət is NOT from Salish

An etymological idea that we can shoot down…

pre-1857: “Siwash coat”

Another tidy morsel of linguistic archaeology for you…

míməlus(t) as a noun, and linguistic anthropology

Thanks to Coquelle Thompson of Siletz, we can clarify a gap in our knowledge of Chinuk Wawa.