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Serial verbs as a local “accent” in Victoria Chinuk Wawa

Keeping this simple, I think I can still get the point across easily…

“Father Hennessy” of the Chilcotin

from Google Books A younger priest who came to help a younger priest who came to help Kamloops’s famous Father Le Jeune…

Just a rumour? Reinterpreting Leechman’s 1910s Chinuk Wawa “songs”

I recently read Stefan Dollinger’s entertaining book “Creating Canadian English: The Professor, the Mountaineer, and a National Variety of English“, and encountered in it an exciting claim…

=na =na =na =na, =na =na =na =na, hey hey hey, data!

Howdy folks, I started an essay on what we know about the Yes/No particle =na, and it surprised me by getting complicated…

A long shot, but worth it: French beaver terminology & ‘rain’

Could old fur-trade French have something roundabout to do with the longstanding mystery of Chinuk Wawa’s word for ‘rain’?

hiyu smoke!

In the line of providing topically useful vocabulary to my readers…

Pre-1924: John Adams (Rogue River Shasta of Siletz) & CW-dependent pidgin English?

Many features of the following quoted life story from John Adams (1847-1938) of Siletz Reservation, southwest Oregon, a Rogue River Shasta man, evoke Chinuk Wawa.

1884: Sacramento CPE: Chinese jubilation

Here’s a nice eyewitnessed quotation of “that other pidgin”, West Coast-style Chinese Pidgin English, in the late frontier period.

Jean-Baptiste Brondel OMI of Steilacoom &c.

Another little-known missionary who spoke Chinuk Wawa…

1894: Father Morice trashes Chinuk Pipa

In the preface to the 2nd edition of his Dakelh Dene “Carrier Reading-Book“, A.G. Morice OMI trashes his perceived competition, the new, vastly popular Chinuk Pipa of southern BC. Pages 6 to 8… Continue reading