Monthly Archive: April, 2023

“Covered Wagon Women” 1840-1849

I’m glad I picked up volumes 1 & 2 of “Covered Wagon Women: Diaries & Letters from the Western Trails”, edited & compiled by Kenneth L. Holmes (Lincoln, NB: U. of Nebraska Press).

Didactic dialogues in CW dictionaries, Part 4H (Gibbs 1863 ex phrases/sentences)

It pleases me to present these 4 thematic sentences as a sort of poem…

Chinook Jargon in the news: “From skookum to potlatch”

Not new news — a good 2018 article, which interviewed me.

Does the ABLE:FAST metaphor extend to CAN’T?

At least two eminent linguists say yes 😎

“Less familiar words” in the Northern Dialect (Part 1A: Shaw 1909)

One of the smartest things the old-school Chinook Jargon dictionary makers sometimes did…

What Chinook do you remember? ‘My name is Black Bear’

What Chinook Jargon do you remember? Send me your memories to post here!

1871 [1838]: “spoիoի” for ‘black (blue) elder(berry)’

Here’s an obscure synonym for the 2012 Grand Ronde dictionary’s already obscure hayash-təmtəm-stik ‘blue elderberry’: “spoիoի”.

Learning from the Lane learners (Part 1)

I want to show appreciation to the great people of Lane Community College in Oregon, who have created a magazine in, and titled, chinuk-wawa.

Chinook Jargon in the news: Sasquatch

Our latest installment of an occasional feature here on…

1923 doggerel: “On the Road to Old Klukwan”

The lighthearted newspaper of a US Army post in southeast Alaska provides us with some doggerel poetic entertainment.