Monthly Archive: June, 2020

1865: Prehistoric Man Ain’t Here No More (sez Paul Kane)

What’s taken his place is a new Chinuk Wawa-speaking society, according to this writer.

1914: City Puts on Its Gay Duds for Potlatch

It’s hard to find many Pride-related topics in old newspapers, so I’ve settled on this one.

1909: a “Spokeshoot liar” & very fluent Jargon

From a current ghost town that was then one of British Columbia’s biggest settlements (where Franz Boas did a lot of his work with Tsimshians & Haidas)…

1938: Rankin, “Frontier Days” of a cowboy

M. Wilson Rankin (1857-1938), originally from Pennsylvania, was a pioneer cowboy of Colorado & Wyoming…

1888: Indian stabbing affray — Englished Chinook

Here’s a late-frontier find that’s out of the ordinary: dialogue cited as occurring in Chinuk Wawa, but delivered only in translation.

1879: The Kittitas “Wau-Wau”

Before Kamloops, another Northwest town had a newspaper called the “Talk” in Chinook Jargon.

1912: Crazy co-inky-dink Indian schwa ad!

By a bizarre coincidence, this racist advertisement that (I’m guessing) puts Chinuk Wawa into the mouth of a wooden Indian also has the earliest “schwa” symbol I’ve ever seen!

1899: Taking a “clatawa kopa Spokane”, and other things Whites did to the Jargon

Why was a Ritzville lawyer reported as taking ‘a clatawa copa Spokane’?

1895: Wenatchee Joe’s mine

What a find!

1871: A Negro boot-black (& a missing pidgin)

There’s at least one pidgin missing from the flock of languages in this astonished mention of a Portland Black man.