Monthly Archive: May, 2022

1904: An invitation to another Uncle Joe Kuhn clambake

As much as Chinook invitations were a Pacific Northwest institution…

CW múwatʰwas ‘Modocs’ is Klamath for ‘Pit River Indians’

The 2012 Grand Ronde dictionary of Chinuk Wawa is our source for the word múwatʰwas ‘Modocs’.

Indigenous metaphor: ‘thing-Plural’ for ‘valued possessions’

Some linguistic work I was doing recently brought my attention back to the Lower Chehalis Salish word támtamaʔ ‘clothing; belongings; what you own’.

1932: Intricate sports cheer in Jargon (BC rugby)

This 15-per-team sport was clearly Rugby Union…

1873: Earliest “skookum paper”?

A Chinook Jargon phrase that I learned on a research trip in southeast Alaska makes its first known appearance in southwest Oregon…

1905: “Siwash” camp on Copper River, Alaska

When I posted this on the old CHINOOK listserv in 2008, we had no way to show pictures…

Lower Chehalis stəʔíxʷciɬ and 3 parallels with Chinuk Wawa

I’ve mentioned many times the outsized, but under-researched, role of Lower Chehalis Salish in forming “Chinook Jargon”.

WW2: “Loose Lips Sink Ships” in Jargon

A famous World War 2 slogan, familiar to Americans of a certain age, also showed up in Chinuk Wawa.

1926: Old boys ‘n’ Jargon doggerel/invitation in Rupert

Dusting off the Chinook to reminisce about a fundamental tragedy…

Why there are so few loan words in Ktunaxa (Kootenay/Kutenai)

A lack of foreign borrowed words in a language doesn’t necessarily tell you there were historically no foreigners present…