Monthly Archive: May, 2021

What do you think?

On Memorial Day, the US holiday devoted to remembrance, let’s get into your thoughts.

McArthur’s “Oregon Geographic Names” (part 5 of 8)

PART 5 of this mini-series on CW place names from McArthur’s important book picks up with a name that might sound as if it were from Florida or Ohio…

What is to be done?

An idiomatic phrase that I think should be taught more…

Are “resumptive pronouns” an Active- (non-Stative) verb marker? No.

It occurred to me to wonder this.

How sexy is ɬíx(-)ɬix?

My previous comments about the uncertain gender of Victoria Howard’s monstrous antagonist in her tale “Just One His Leg, Just One His Arm” lead me to talk about sexual behavior.

Álta: a note on Perfective aspect

There’s much more to be said about verbal “aspect” in Chinuk Wawa … here’s a bit …

1792: The surprising actual distribution of Nootka Jargon (Meany 1957 edition of Vancouver 1801)

The single important fact to stress is, we’ve known almost nothing about the late-1700s “Nootka Jargon”!

1792 and 1794: More evidence against wide Nootka Jargon use (Vancouver 1802)

Today’s information source is “A narrative or journal of a voyage of discovery to the North Pacific Ocean and round the world: Performed in the years 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794 and 1795″ credited… Continue reading

Found: an etymology for kʰíyəp ‘dark’

kʰíyəp ‘darkness, dark’ is said in the 2012 Grand Ronde dictionary to be “of obscure origin”.

World War 1: Pierriche’s Chinook letter from the front

Father JMR Le Jeune of Kamloops brings us a Chinook Jargon letter that he received from the front lines of World War 1.