Monthly Archive: February, 2020

“małni”: the feature film & the old word

From the Tate Modern (London, UK) website, news dated January 8th of a feature film using Chinook Jargon:

Why x̣áwqał isn’t an adverb, & why that matters

x̣áwqał ‘unable to, can’t’ is not an adverb.

“Chapelure”? (Merci à MLT)

Thanks to my reader Marie-Lucie Tarpent for a comment that inspired this article.

Mox Boarding House?

Today’s post is a crowdsourced question for my readers…

LBDB: Prose, not lyrics (Part 6)

Grace before Meals…our last installment from her dictionary.

More about ma tante

A comment by a participant in our Saturday morning Jargon lesson brought this up…

Chinuk Wawa in a Stó:lō hymn book (Part 6)

Right up front, I want to praise the translators of this song for their punctuation…

1897: Everette thinks “Stikine” is “Stick Indians”

A self-taught frontier linguist has some odd ideas…

More about “Skin Tyee”

Confirmed: a BC First Nation has a Chinuk Wawa name.

Haida drinking song

nawitka hayu masi (many thanks indeed) to Rein “snas” Stamm for noticing a Jargon song we hadn’t spotted previously.