Monthly Archive: January, 2022

/r/ in Chinuk Wawa is Métis

If I’m not mistaken, the phoneme /r/ in Chinuk Wawa is essentially Métis in origin.

1929: Saanich clams

Credit goes to my reader Alex Code for today’s harvest of genuine BC Jargon.

“Sounook”, a modest proposal

A recent “op-ed” letter to a BC paper suggests replacing the term “Chinook wind”…

sisu, from Métis French as well as English

The Chinook Jargon word for ‘scissors’ comes from both Métis French and English…

siʔaɬ (Chief Seattle’s) speeches to back-translate: Part 2 of 3

wəx̣t hayu masi kʰapa ukuk lalang-tayi Peter Bakker, yaka munk-kəmtəks nayka qʰa pus nanich ixt ɬush skul-pipa…

1930 [1869+]: “Seattle Memories”

“Seattle Memories” is the autobiography of girl pioneer Edith Sanderson Redfield (1862-1933).

Beans via Métis French

It looks like North American French has used an English word for ‘beans’ for quite a long time.

1889: What a Canneryman Must Know, BC

We’ve observed Chinook Jargon as a language of the multiethnic work crews in Pacific Northwest salmon canneries…

1903: Old Settlers Send Chinook Invitations

We’ve seen this event covered before…

ubut, bout, but, butte, and Métis French

ubut ‘end; goal’ is another word that’s typical only of Grand Ronde (Oregon) usage…