Monthly Archive: April, 2019

Salmon-canning in British Columbia, 1890s

A woman visitor’s view of “how it’s made” on the lower Fraser River involves a bit of legitimate Chinuk Wawa, for local colour.

Ladies’ clubs named in Chinook Jargon

A turn-of-the-century convention of Washington State women’s clubs has a significant Chinuk Wawa component!

You can be the sharpest tool in the shed! Learn these new words!

Attention gearheads!

California CPE: Heap big Odd Fellow

Pidgins as street languages in the late frontier period…

My Dear St. Nicholas:–

So wonderful: a local girl tells about Chinuk Pipa shorthand in a national kids’ magazine.

Furriers, fur slippers, the fur trade, & “píltən” (fuzzy) thinking


Dregs of Chinook Jargon in a Nicola Valley court case

An awkwardly prosecuted case of illegal liquor sales to Indigenous women (a classic colonialist prohibition) near Kamloops carries plenty of implied information about the post-frontier Nicola Valley language situation…

Rourke Groceries ad

Short and sweet…

Dead canoes: another “new old” word?

The Easter season (see yesterday’s post) may have been directing my thoughts towards death more than usual — leading to new discoveries like today’s.

Easter Sunday

How Easter was explained in Chinuk Wawa, 1902…