Monthly Archive: June, 2016

The (Chinook) Marseillaise du whisky

#1 on the Kamloops country chart in the winter of 1897!  70 years before the Beatles retooled the French national anthem for pop use in “All You Need is Love“… Don’t be fooled… Continue reading

Zachariah Mudge

Some interesting bits from a promotional book about unnamed missionaries. No author is named in the volume, but it’s attributed to Zachariah Atwell Mudge, not to be confused with another Pacific NW luminary,… Continue reading

Chinuk man = interpreter

It’s several years since I shared my find of Chinuk man, as the term for “interpreter”, with the then rather smaller Jargon community.  This is a word worth making better known, as this linguistics paper… Continue reading

Blue ruin in Chinuk Wawa

  Another Chinuk Wawa song! A new word! And shoddy anthropology! It’s easy to gin up a short article today, with material like this footnote from Hubert Howe Bancroft: The missionaries, the women of… Continue reading

Bostonais part 2

(Here is Bostonais part 1.) Yesterday I showed you my idea that Chinuk Wawa boston “American; white person” originates, not straightforwardly in English, but instead in Canadian (Métis) French bostonais. I don’t take as extreme a… Continue reading

Bostonnais, Métis, and revising Chinuk Wawa history

(Part 1.) How old is the famous “Boston men” versus “King George men” distinction in Chinuk Wawa? Countless history books refer to the verbal difference as a fundamental one on the early Pacific Northwest… Continue reading

And more Civil War Chinook Jargon by Phil Sheridan

A postscript to my previous article on General Phil Sheridan, one of the Civil War’s Chinuk Wawa “code talkers”. A smoking gun, found in the book “A Catalogue of the Collection of Autographs… Continue reading

“I Traveled to Squamish & Sechelt” part 4

This photo of “chicken pulled chicken” from Lucky’s Smokehouse in Sechelt, BC, is courtesy of TripAdvisor 🙂 (Part 1 here.)  (Part 2 here.)  (Part 3 here.)   Some łaʔamin (Sliammon), some friendly chickens,… Continue reading

How to read most Chinuk Wawa dictionaries

Donʹt take them literally. Many of the concepts that they provide Jargon definitions for really werenʹt so conventionalized yet, a hundred years ago. So there could easily be more than one effective way… Continue reading

Nameplate! Masthead! Colophon!

We interrupt this program of light travelogue (it’ll continue in my next post) for some substance. Three years and change ago, I brought forth on this website a new nameplate, conceived in efficiency,… Continue reading