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Important: 1792 Chehalis, Chinook, and Shoalwater evidence *against* Chinuk Wawa

Today’s post began as a parenthetical note, but is important enough to be its own article.

‘Whole wheat’ in CW … a Métis-ism?

Is there some easily searchable full-text archive of historical French-Canadian newspapers that I don’t know about?

Capot and/or capote?

The source of the basic CW word kʰapú ‘(over)coat, jacket’ has been much discussed.

1916: Chinook interpreter needed

Headlined “Didn’t Understand Oath”, today’s old news clipping adds to our abundant proof that Chinuk Wawa got used a whole lot in Pacific Northwest courts.

Drawing a different, silent moral from “A Stingy Girl is Taken Away by Mountain People”

I’ve recently come back to studying a certain tale by the Grand Ronde elder, Victoria Howard…

Another reason why chaku- verbs aren’t passive

In my research on Chinuk Wawa, I admit it took years to come to see verbs prefixed with chaku- (literally ‘come’) as Inceptive Aspect.

“Cultus kopa nika” is a northern CW expression

A pretty famous expression in Chinook Jargon is ‘I don’t care’, commonly spelled < cultus kopa nika > in the old, English-speaker-oriented publications.

Competing etymologies for láwtish

A word recorded in Grand Ronde’s creolized southern-dialect Chinuk Wawa, and nowhere else, is láwtish ‘a bickerer, argumentative person’.

At last, an explanation for the idiom mə́kʰmək ‘resent, envy’?

This will be just a quick morsel.

Heard in the wild: “chucks”

UBC forestry professor Suzanne Simard, author of the book “Finding the Mother Tree”, dropped some Chinuk Wawa into her interview with Dave Davies on NPR’s “Fresh Air” program this week.