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Selish and Chinook dialects will not be transcribed with ease by means of Morice’s syllabary

The Chinuk pipa “Chinook shorthand” is the “Chinook shorthand” because of this… Advertisements

The Kuaut reserves, a hotbed of Chinook shorthand correspondence

Quite accurate!

The great Panjandrum, the Hyu Tyee, the wonderful Pooh-Bah

Disclaimer: the following was published 50 years before Donald Trump was even born.

Fraser River oolahans, a hyas closh muck-a-muck

The most BC sentence ever 🙂 

Jump Off Joe! How’d that name happen?

Because I deal in Linguistic Archaeology™, my readers know Pacific NW place names periodically come up here (see “15 Sous and the HBC” and such), so how about the oddity that is “Jump… Continue reading

Dogs are the missing link.

Puzzling over a puzzle…

Pigeon English letter (can it be found?)

A report of a letter in Chinese Pidgin English…can it be found in some archive?

Buckskin invitation

The Improved Order of Red Men strike again.

Moi, je shrug.

I’m indebted to this one correspondent of mine who’s constantly asking really good questions:

A séance with a Cayuse chief via Grand Ronde Chinuk Wawa!

Apparently my powers of invention have been outstripped by other folks’ weird scientific uses for Chinuk Wawa.