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1865: Olympia store ad in Chinook

Frontier-era clothiers in Olympia, Washington couldn’t go wrong by using Chinook Jargon to draw attention to their wares!

1874: Idaho Jargon doggerel

“Cowboy poets” had a vogue around the year 2000, as I recall…

1927: Correcting one Chinook etymology, inventing lots more

Way to give a linguist a headache, guys…

1858 US ad for Jargon guide to Fraser River goldrush: a reason why French didn’t remain BC’s language

Just to prove the claim¬†(no pun intended) that BC’s Fraser River gold rush of 1858 was conceptually tied to Chinuk Wawa use…

1803-1806: The Jewitt narrative

One keen observer of Nuuchahnulth life was John Rodgers Jewitt (1783-1821), the most “Boston man” of “Boston men” to ever visit the PNW coast.

1892: Tacoma pseudo-CW football cheer

I’ve reported a number of times on oldtime sports yells that tried to sound “savage” — sometimes in the Northwest by using Chinuk Wawa.

1889: Keep that cultus wah-wah out of my courtroom!

Kind of by request of Jay V. Powell…

Kamloops + others residential schools, as reported to Native people in Chinook (Part 4)

Dated May 14, 1893,¬†Kamloops Wawa #78 carries some more early residential-school news on page 79…

1890: The Ancient Order of Neversweats

What do you think this “classic” motto means in English?

Champness, “To Cariboo and Back in 1862”

A British man is lured by the BC gold rushes, but perhaps makes more money writing about the experience…