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1897: Everette thinks “Stikine” is “Stick Indians”

A self-taught frontier linguist has some odd ideas…

More about “Skin Tyee”

Confirmed: a BC First Nation has a Chinuk Wawa name.

Haida drinking song

nawitka hayu masi (many thanks indeed) to Rein “snas” Stamm for noticing a Jargon song we hadn’t spotted previously.

1892: Yen wakes them up

For its visual interest as much as for the small amount of pidgin, I present today’s selection…

Letters of Dr. John McLoughlin

There’s hardly any directly mentioned Chinook Jargon in HBC honcho John McLoughlin’s published correspondence, but that doesn’t mean we learn nothing about CJ from him.

Chinuk Wawa in a Stó:lō hymn book (Part 5)

Brace yourselves, here comes the longest, most pissed-off footnote ever published on my site 🙂

1836-38: Herbert Beaver as an observer of Fort Vancouver

  The aptly named Reverend Beaver (1800-1858) should’ve been the perfect Anglican preacher for the fur-trading Hudsons Bay Company…

North American French pronunciation habits help explain Jargon “R-dropping”

Chinook Jargon doesn’t “drop its R’s” nearly as often as the “R-less” English dialects do…

How many commandments is this, total? :) (10 Commandments, Part 4)

So now we’ve looked at “10 Commandments” translations from a pioneer girl, 3 British preachers, and an American crank…

More about pʰasáyuks: why not pʰlasáyuks?

If you’ve been exposed to my website more than a couple of times, you know I promote the idea that there’s a lot of history in every word…