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áysh is related to ayáxwul ‘borrow/lend’…also to húyhuy ‘trade’?

There’s an obscure & obsolete Chinook Jargon word for ‘lend; borrow’ that came from “Chihalis” (Lower Chehalis Salish), said George Gibbs in 1863.

“Ten Years of Missionary Work…Skokomish” (Part 2 of 3)

More good stuff from Myron Eells’ memoir:

What Chinook do you remember? “shmamuk”

What memories do you have of Chinook Jargon? Here’s a great one from reader Hugh Ryder:

Kamloops Wawa pictures: Part 1, Spahomin = “Douglas Lake Indians”

In Kamloops Wawa #132 (September 1895), page [132], at the top of the page, is this prominent image.

“sáyá, t’əmánəwas!” song in Renton?

Often, I write about some old Chinuk Wawa find or other, publish it here, and then forget about it for a while.

Boas 1892: Many discoveries in a short article (Part 3: ‘to call’)

Let’s get right into our 3rd installment of the mini-series on Franz Boas’s 1892 article in Science, “The Chinook Jargon“.

1910: Welcomed Folk in Chinook

Are you familiar with the North American tradition of “Chautauqua”?

Didactic dialogues in CW dictionaries, Part 4A (Gibbs 1863 ex phrases/sentences)

Let’s be clear: George Gibbs’s highly influential 1863 dictionary of Fort Vancouver-area early-creolized Chinuk Wawa doesn’t so much present us with didactic dialogues as fluent phrases…

1909, “The Chrysalis”: earliest known “Seattle Illahee” song?

Harold Morton Kramer (1873-1930) published a novel, “The Chrysalis“, in 1909 (Boston: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co.).

Howay [Haswell, Boit, Hoskins] “Voyages of the Columbia” (Part 2B of 5)

Continuing to examine John Box Hoskins’s 2nd NW coast journal, I ask you: Is there much communication here that can’t be explained as the use of a lot of gestures and a few… Continue reading