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Small Pleasures, a short dramatic film in Chinook Wawa

“Small Pleasures” is a short dramatic film in Chinook Wawa by Karin Lee. It’s set in Barkerville, BC, in the 1860s and features female characters of both Chinese and First Nations background. What… Continue reading

1800s slang words from Barkerville, BC

Somebody asked about “1800s slang words from Barkerville, BC“. That’s a legitimate language-contact question.  Barkerville, for its whole existence as a real town, was a new community that was populated by people from… Continue reading

“Jumper is Chinook for thief”

I’ve written about the lexical contributions of Chinook Jargon to our Pacific Northwest English.  But here’s a piece about English speakers’ fairly early view of CJ as a kind of slang of its… Continue reading