Monthly Archive: March, 2020

Calling dogs & calling someone a dog

In honor of our poor dogs, who have to put up with us being home all the time nowadays!

Lower Chehalis ‘beads’ & Chinuk Wawa?

Stringing together a couple of speculations here…

Still more about Pickett & Jargon discoveries

First, you have Archie Binns.

What else is ENDOGENOUS to Chinuk Wawa?

This short note invites you to make suggestions to me…

Sacramento CPE: A Chinese vegetable vender

Let’s take a break to celebrate that other West Coast pidgin language…

Talking BS: p’áƛ̓aƛ̓ and “cultus”

In the 1994 Lushootseed Salish dictionary by Bates, Hess, & Hilbert, there’s a root p’áƛ’- (bound) ‘of no importance’

“The Passion Play in America”

During the zenith of Chinook Writing in British Columbia, an American Catholic magazine ran a lavish feature on the “Passion Play” that was staged in Chinuk Wawa there.

The grammar of sickness

Stay well! From a dictionary of Kamloops Chinuk Wawa that I’ve finished but haven’t yet published, here’s a very topical entry.

Piu-piu ‘skunk’ from Canadian French? or Indigenous languages? or English?

Among the varied Chinuk Wawa expressions for a ‘skunk’,* George Gibbs 1863:39 informs us of < piu-piu >.

A Chinook Jargon adverb-class marker?

Here’s a little sketch of an idea about Chinuk Wawa: