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You’re invited to the phase 1 opening of Chachalu Tribal Museum

June 5, 2014: Chachalu. Chinuk Wawa singing and everything else! Come celebrate this milestone for Grand Ronde cultural preservation.

How to say honeybee in Chinook Jargon

Happy New Year! I love getting these quick little research questions from my readers! Someone asked me “how to say honeybee in Chinook Jargon”: The Grand Ronde Chinuk Wawa dictionary has this for ‘bee’– ántʰiyeł… Continue reading

Video: The Chinook Jargon we never knew…but will!

This talk was fun to give! “The Chinook Jargon We Never Knew–But Will“ David Robertson speaks at Sam Sullivan’s Public Salon, April 3rd, 2013.