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Chinook Jargon month names…did they come from somewhere?

In the Chinook Jargon Word of the Day group on Facebook, the inquiring mind of Colin Bruce put forth Father Le Jeune’s little-known 1924 list of Chinook Jargon month names…

Why 19th-c. Chinook dictionaries are misleading & unreliable. Sad!

Quick!  Our safety depends on it!  (That’s how I get unfiltered linguistic data out of people.)  Translate tluchman-sik into English!

And why do we say “cold” in CJ for “year”?

A lot is known about Chinook Jargon’s words — but what about its ideas?

Why do we say kʰúl-íliʔi “cold land” for “winter” in Chinook Jargon?

One of my correspondents who consistently asks great questions brought this up: Why do we say kʰúl-íliʔi, literally “cold land”, for “winter” in Chinook Jargon?  Is it an Indigenous thing?

Púlakʰli, the “dark-time”

Some deeper background for you on a well-known basic word of Chinook Jargon.