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wík-íkta mákuk as a clue…a time capsule, even

Chinuk Wawa’s terminology for value in trade has puzzled me for a long time…

‘Full’ + Noun = ‘full of Noun’, from Lower Chinookan

The Chinuk Wawa way of saying ‘full of X’ is another structure that we can trace back to Chinookan.

2 generations apart, in 2 dialects

The summary first today: there are special words for that, but only in creolized Chinuk Wawa.

A Lower Chinookan source for Imperative ɬush (pus) X …

There may be a real interesting trend of Nootka Jargon words historically getting enlisted to loan-translate natively Chinookan grammatical patterns, in Chinuk Wawa…

1994: BP Harris’s arguments for a pre-contact Chinuk Wawa

[Updated several days after posting.] There’s an article by the late UVic linguist Barbara P. Harris, one of the co-founders of the Chinook Wawa Gathering that helped revitalize this language, that’s worth your… Continue reading

‘Not thus’ and such

Here’s a small collection of Chinuk Wawa expressions, some of which I do think, and some I don’t think, trace their lineage back to Lower Chinookan negations.

McArthur’s “Oregon Geographic Names” (part 4 of 8)

Part 4 of our mini-series on McArthur’s classic reference work about “Oregon Geographic Names”…

1847: Joel Palmer’s “Journal”

Joel Palmer (1810-1881) was one of the first to publish a mass-market book describing the Oregon Country…

“Sweet BetseyAnn Spikes” :) (part 7 of 7)

#7 is the last in our mini-series on this charming pseudonymous character.

1846: Frémont’s “Narrative” and implicit CW

Not all documents of Chinuk Wawa seem like documents of CW.