Monthly Archive: January, 2016

Hear a Chinuk Wawa lecture streaming tonight

8pm Pacific time zone on CIRH Roundhouse Radio 98.3 from Vancouver BC: a guy called David Robertson, talking & singing about “The Chinook We Never Knew — But Will“. Stream it live…or any… Continue reading

Chinuk Wawa shorthand writers of Spahomin

I can guarantee you that this photo shows a large number of Chinuk Wawa shorthand writers.  (Kamloops Wawa #125 (1895), page 19.)  The local chief, John Chilliheetza, was himself a skilled practitioner, and he… Continue reading

What do you do when your church has no bell?

What do you do when your church has no bell? This was the situation in a couple of Secwepemc communities of British Columbia that was reported in Kamloops Wawa #126 (March 1895), page… Continue reading

Today’s Native ad…which do you want first, chicken or eggs?

Another Secwepemc man from Sugarcane Reserve (Williams Lake, BC) placed an illustrated want ad in Kamloops Wawa #126 (March 1895), page 37. FYI: I’m halfway guessing at this guy’s surname as being “Kelly”; sometimes there… Continue reading

Native ad from Mawich Man

I’ve got more of these great Native ads for you. Today, Mawich Man of Sugarcane Reserve speaks. Y’know, not this Mowich Man (Billy Everett of Crescent, Clallam County, WA)… Not Ezra Meeker’s buddy Mowich… Continue reading

Shmamaiam, a newfound word of Chinuk Wawa (and Secwepemctsín)

Shmamaiam means “catechism”. There’s already more than one word for that in Chinook Jargon. Around Kamloops they typically used either katikism from local English or likatishism from the Oblate missionary priests’ French. Now, you wouldn’t know it,… Continue reading

Come ‘n’ git it!

Two more of the wonderful want ads placed by Indigenous people in the Sugarcane Bell mini-newspaper (KW #126, March 1895, page 37): Ad the first: [written on a picture of a rabbit:] Skukum makmak. Excellent food.… Continue reading

Native humour: Formerly awesome boots

Hey Chinuk Wawa learners, you can do this too.  Check out how easy it is to use Chinook Jargon for making jokes: ANKATI SKUKUM BUTS FORMERLY AWESOME BOOTS Ankati naika skukum tomtom kopa naika… Continue reading

Speak of the devil, er, slëïghër

A rockin’ coincidence!  Traipsing along the typically slick track of my work, I’ve discovered another word for “sleigh” in Chinuk Wawa. You might recall a week ago when I reported solving a longstanding mystery —… Continue reading

The Sugarcane Bell: Kamloops Wawa iaka aw

The little brother of Kamloops Wawa: Shugirkin Tintin! [captions:] Shugir Kin Tintin     |     Iht nsaika tomtom.     |     Kamlups Wawa Sugarcane Bell     |  … Continue reading