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“They speak like birds”: An Indigenous metaphor, as reflected in CW

I’m guessing it means “they speak like idiots”?

1894: “scotty cooley” on the lower Fraser

Today’s note adds to my article of 2015.

tə́qsin ‘follow; pursue’ from Lower Chehalis Salish

Chinuk Wawa tə́qsin ‘follow; pursue’ in the 2012 Grand Ronde Tribes dictionary: “Of obscure origin. Possibly from a local Salishan form with the transitive suffix -n.”

1870s: Ling Fu proves he’s American by talking Jargon

Be a good citizen, read “Voices of the Pacific Northwest“.

1840s?: Willamette Natives bargain over Christianity

A great quotation from the old CHINOOK Listserv…

1878: An addendum to “Exploring the Olympic Mountains”

A reasonably clear record of míməlust-íliʔi (‘dead.people-place’) for ‘graveyard; cemetery’ turns up in a half-translated form.

1877: Chinuk Wawa etc. on the Little Bighorn battlefield, from a Nez Perce

Hugh Lenox Scott (1853-1934) was seen as an authority on Plains Indian Sign Language…

Chinuk Wawa təmstiyu, from Salish with Métis + Chinookan input

The Chinuk Wawa noun təmstiyu ‘arrowwood’ has stuck in my mind for quite a while, as have many others that “feel” Salish to me.

1930: Williams, “Logger-Talk”

Another in my sporadic series of gems from the old CHINOOK listserv that deserve more attention:

1886: Held for Passing Counterfeit Money