Monthly Archive: November, 2021

1908: Reminiscences of Charles A. Splawn

From the “Indian district” of Ellensburg, Washington, mid- to post-frontier times…

Portland dictionary with numerals for accent marks?!

There’s always something new to be found among all those old Chinook Jargon documents…

“Hyas Tyee Tumwater” isn’t traditional: Baseless ideas about CW

Too often, someone publishes an offhand remark, and it gets cited as fact ever after…

1857: California CPE — Chinese coffins

Settlers on the West Coast typically understood Chinese Pidgin English well!

[1859 Victoria]: How I Got into the Government “Blue Book”

Wesleyan Methodist minister Arthur Browning (born 1830) tells a reminiscence of 1859.

Thanks from Dave (2021 and 1897)

I’m thankful to you, my Chinook-loving readers!

BC Chinuk Wawa love song

I’m thankful to my reader Jakob for sending a link to this nice music!

1792: Crowdsourcing challenge — Galiano’s Hul’q’umi’num (and Nootka Jargon?) vocabulary

I’m taking the approach of asking my readers for language help with Spanish and Coast Salish today…

1898: Signed, Halo Cumtux, Lillooet, BC

Looks like two Chinook writers at work here…

Why Granville Stuart’s Chinuk Wawa was Grand Ronde-ish

When I’ve previously written about Montana settler Granville Stuart’s CW vocabulary, I’ve mused about how surprisingly Grand Ronde-like it is.