Monthly Archive: August, 2014

As long as it is not a black eye it will be all right

The very first issue of the Chinook Wawa newspaper, Kamloops Wawa, came out on May 2 of 1891.  From the very start, its editor Father Le Jeune’s sense of humor shows.  (Read on.)  … Continue reading

Jargon Chinook sitkum-san-tali

“Tɨmnákni tímat (writing from the heart): Sahaptin discourse and text in the speaker writing of Xílux̣in”: An excellent MA thesis by a longtime Chinuk Wawa friend, Phil Cash Cash, who some of you will remember… Continue reading

Having a hopping time: Chinookie and more

I have no more to say than that some of us would find the combination of Chinook Jargon and a Northwest craft beer to make a perfect day. Better, even, if Chinook hops… Continue reading

Some reminiscences of old Victoria

Some Reminiscences of Old Victoria, by Edgar Fawcett.  Toronto: William Briggs.  1912. A nicely told personal memoir by Fawcett (1847-1923, immigrated to Victoria 1859).  I read his words as accurately detailed, and they… Continue reading

Disgust with MP’s acting like high muck-a-mucks

A hundred and sixteen summers ago, they had the same discontents. In BC, what were they complaining about? “High muck-a-mucks” in the Dominion parliament! This is one of the earlier instances I’ve been… Continue reading

Letter from Lytton

Side note before the show–any of my readers have JSTOR access? There is an article Iʹd like to print out.  Let me know.  — Dave Chako nanich, Chinuk wawa pipa iht sawash man… Continue reading

Wah-Wah’s 7, Go-Go’s 6, and RIP Barbara Harris

Please see Barbara Harris’ obituary at the end of this post.  Thanks. Here’s a tiny fun Canadian hockey mystery to cool your brain on this summer day: In an item headed “Sport at… Continue reading