Monthly Archive: July, 2018

How are hayu- and hayas- alike?

How are hayu- (from háyú ‘much, many’) and hayas(h)- (from háyás(h) ‘big’) alike? 

Our Jargon, and frontier humor

From the real olden days when frontier California, for US settlers’ purposes, was northern California, and an integral part of Cascadia.

International trade

If you care to cut through a couple of stereotypes, this clipping actually documents one of the intercultural uses of Chinuk Wawa that you hear less about…

Chinuk Wawa math?

One, two, three counting-related topics that have been hard puzzles in Chinuk Wawa:

“Mary Had a Little Lamb”, with a side of linguistic archaeology

True story: There was a late-1800s vogue for jokey versions of the kids’ nursery rhyme, “Mary Had a Little Lamb“. 

Joe Kuhn’s picnic

Another Chinuk Wawa document that we need to find…and a good light summer read!

Hops, Grand Ronde, lake berries, and humor

Linguistic archaeology means thinking twice, no doubt.

Aboriginal rights, clearly expressed in a pidgin, 151 and 1/2 years ago

Loud and clear.

Recommended: “Chinuk Wawa Phrase of the Week” videos

I always try to respond to my readers’ requests…

The Yaquina Indian troubles: Mrs. Kistler’s statement, & linguistic archaeology

(Edited 10/27/2019 to mention my followup to this article.) A hoax to provoke a racist war?