How is YOUR name written in Chinuk Pipa?

I’m about to start giving lessons in the Chinook Jargon’s own unique alphabet, Chinuk Pipa.

1904: Remembered 1872 Lushootseed Chinuk Wawa

Thanks a bunch to devoted Chinuk Wawa student Sequoia Edwards for sharing a wonderful find!

Lumping splitting words…

Franz Boas’s very fine “Chinook: An Illustrative Sketch” (1910) includes his student Edward Sapir’s summary…

wík mánaqi, & a new layer of Canadian heritage?

A Grand Ronde expression…

1953: Siwash Social at Seattle U.

Waaaay past frontier times, a Seattle University (well, *the* Seattle University) kept Chinuk Wawa alive as a campus tradition.

Mamuk is a killer?

Add this to our collection of awful translations of Chinook Jargon.

Chinuk Wawa in a Stó:lō hymn book (Part 11: The Lord’s Prayer)

Now this.

James G. Swan’s diary (1859-63)

Shortly after living on Shoalwater Bay, Washington Territory, where he wrote his famous memoir / document of Chinook Jargon…

‘Angry’ because of White people?

Chinuk Wawa’s basic word sáliks surprised me the other day.

‘Wait’, but don’t ‘wait for’, the origin of the Jargon quasi-Passive!

Weit is the most common way to express ‘wait’ in British Columbia-style Chinook Wawa.