Aboriginal rights, clearly expressed in a pidgin, 151 and 1/2 years ago

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Recommended: “Chinuk Wawa Phrase of the Week” videos

I always try to respond to my readers’ requests…

The Yaquina Indian troubles: Mrs. Kistler’s statement, & linguistic archaeology

A hoax to provoke a racist war?

“A Tale of the Shining Tide” from Shoalwater Bay

Warning: fictional Chinuk Wawa, set on Shoalwater Bay but starring Plains Indians?

Oregon as it was: By an old pioneer (big Métis-Grand Ronde connection)

I loved finding this article where an oldtimer tells what Métis life was like in the early settlement era — leading into the early reservation era — in Grand Ronde’s neighborhood.

Chinuk Wawa ‘branch’ is from Salish

Another Chinook Jargon word from Salish: ‘branch’.

I go on, much speculating: an additional source for Chinuk Wawa’s Progressive prefix

I’ve written about how various words “grammaticalized” in Chinook Jargon, developing from original literal senses such as “make” and “come”, into prefixes and such.

Masi & hayu masi

For ‘thank you’, either plain old masi or else hayu masi seem to be the rule. The latter is characteristic of current Grand Ronde usage. I’m not sure whether that implies that it may be quite an… Continue reading

“The Bridge Across the Willamette”: PDX attitude goes waaay back! (To Grand Ronde?)

From an article about hopes for a great city of East Portland (EPDX?), Oregon, an inspiring poem:

Now you know: I think “pittuck” is from Salish (+a Chinuk Wawa meditation)

The other day, my readers saw an obscure Jargon word used for ‘to think’: “pittuck“.