A hatchet man is at the hello

Because a cartoon is involved, brace yourself for even rougher stereotyping than the usual (sexist as well as racist), but there’s real information here about California Chinese Pidgin English. Advertisements

Second week of Advent

We’re currently in the second week of Advent, according to the traditional calendar that leads up to the year’s highlight of Jesus’ birth at Christmas.

Jeremiah Curtin & Chinuk Wawa

A really great read, that you’ve never heard of is the “Memoirs of Jeremiah Curtin“.

lápʰusmu, from Mississippi Valley French

  Another in my series on documenting French sources of Chinuk Wawa words…

More evidence of Chinuk Wawa as early as Lewis & Clark?

Sometimes you revisit something you’ve read many times, and see it in a fresh way.

Port Townsend wears the bell

“Chenook”, they used to say, rhyming it with “ye duke”.

Buelville headscratcher

Crowdsource call, going out to my readers!

How wildcats damage a country

Not much Jargon here, but enough to show a lingering impact on British Columbia English…

A “Gloria” Rosetta stone

One way to teach people Chinuk Wawa is to set them up with a reading passage, providing a running translation…

Advent, in Chinuk Wawa

How about a small, timely piece of Jargon reading practice?