Dogs are the missing link.

Puzzling over a puzzle… Advertisements

Pigeon English letter (can it be found?)

A report of a letter in Chinese Pidgin English…can it be found in some archive?

Buckskin invitation

The Improved Order of Red Men strike again.

Moi, je shrug.

I’m indebted to this one correspondent of mine who’s constantly asking really good questions:

A séance with a Cayuse chief via Grand Ronde Chinuk Wawa!

Apparently my powers of invention have been outstripped by other folks’ weird scientific uses for Chinuk Wawa.

About Jargon hymnody & prosody

A study in Papers of the Hymn Society of America, volume 18 (1954), reproduces from Myron Eells’s small 1889 book “Hymns in the Chinook Jargon Language” the following claim:

“Duke of York” & traces of early British-S’Klallam contact

I want to keep this short & sweet: modern Nuuchahnulth preserves traces of early contact-era English. 

Solomon’s Sorrow: The cross-examination of Jimmy Sampson, Merritt, BC, 1911

The local paper gave a ton of space to this courtroom story, thus giving us a rare peep into the use of Chinuk Wawa and pidgin English in that setting…

Chinook fire, an idiom

This was a pretty cool idiom in Kamloops-area Chinuk Wawa:

A deer drive with Spokane Indians

I found a reminiscence of 1882 Camp Spokane (later Fort Spokane) that has local Indians talking Chinuk Wawa with soldiers.