Sin as a Jargon word (kinda the opposite of ‘sin’)

Not a word most of us would use every day, but it reflects a certain reality… Advertisements

B.C. Black History, Indigenous race relations, plus Bostons & Chinese

Mifflin Wistar Gibbs (1823-1915) was a remarkable person.

Indian vs. Chinaman

The “[Denis] Kearney logic” that the writer accuses today’s Indigenous speaker of is a late-1800’s “build the wall” paranoia about China…expressed in Chinook Jargon!

Medicine Man’s Success

Women play a key role in two episodes recounted by an overeducated post-frontier central Washington farmer, who quotes Moses-Columbia Salish people’s Chinuk Wawa words.

Roses are…poo?!

I meant to write this in time for Valentine’s Day, sorry, honeypot! 

Disaster to Coffee Johnson

Nooksack news.

Pioneers to Meet Soon

Toward the end of a post-frontier news article announcing a Washington pioneers’ gathering, a sense of urgency is imparted by switching into untranslated Chinuk Wawa.

“T’see Alki”: a lost Downey-Bartlett song?

Found: a Chinuk Wawa song we didn’t know of before.

Seal of Kalama

Chinuk Wawa humor…

“The New El Dorado, or, British Columbia”

Here’s a fortuitously — even questionably — timed curiosity for you: “The New El Dorado, or, British Columbia” by Kinahan Cornwallis (London: Thomas Cautley Newby, 1858).