1936, Hoquiam: Heap Little Chap Nowitka Skookum

A couple of generations past the frontier era, a kid who spoke Chinuk Wawa was worth a news article.

1900: The Northwest Jargon + William Jennings Bryan

In the post-frontier period, a traveling salesman in western Washington managed to avoid the already popular “sitkum dollar” joke…

1863: “Inciting Indians to revolt” in Victoria

“Half-breeds” took a lot of blame for social frictions between Natives and Settlers…

1900: “Hiou Tenas Iktah”

Some really nice visuals are to be found in an obscure old book with a Chinuk Wawa title…

1920: Yakka cultus man, a myth, and another Jargon song

This somewhat fanciful, sometimes nonsensical, piece comes to us from more than a generation after the frontier era…

1896: Illihee Club gift and mystery “matukta”

Are any of my readers able to figure out what matukta is?

2022: Art involving Chinuk Wawa

Opening in the Vancouver, BC metro area as I write this article, and running through December 11th, is an exciting new work of art involving fluent spoken Chinuk Wawa.

Early 1880s, Alaska: Skookum papers, skookum boards

In my understanding, “skookum papers“, a Chinuk Wawa expression, were 19th-century letters…

1902: “Niga” in BC Chinooklish

A measure of how much Chinook Jargon had penetrated into British Columbia folks’ English by the turn of the century:

1920: Volleyball invitation in Tacoma

An overly enthusiastic translator a generation after the frontier era needs a fact-check…