Aged Grand Ronde Indian holds crowd spellbound

Not too far into the post-frontier period, Chinuk Wawa was already a curiosity just outside Grand Ronde… Advertisements

Euphonic Washingtonia

Today’s philosophical question: if doggerel poetry is untitled except for a headline, is it an untitlement?

Sentenced in Jargon. Grand Ronde Jargon?

The latest installment in our ongoing coverage of Chinuk Wawa in the justice systems of the Pacific Northwest…

Progress of Civilization: a marriage announcement

Editorial blends with reportage on south Puget Sound, and everyone knows how to take the untranslated Chinuk Wawa.

Big water vs. salt water: Native metaphors

More Indigenous cultural metaphors preserved in Chinuk Wawa’s ‘river’?

California CPE: Gossip of railwaymen

From time to time I share bits of other “contact languages” besides Chinook Jargon, to help illustrate that these are typically used in “street” situations.

“The Pioneer Campfire”

We hear more from George W. Kennedy today…

Indian suffrage, Chinuk Wawa, and sarcasm

Chinuk Wawa was the original Ebonics, evidently.

Etymologies or “oops”?

Regarding Louis Labonte Jr.’s Chinuk Wawa word spelled eoptaths and meaning ‘knife, knives’, I have an idea I’d like to run past my readers and see whether you think it’s promising or misguided.

Hop Picking in Sumner Valley, W.T.

Long letters to the editor used to provide a big chunk of the material in newspapers…