“So Far from Home: An Army Bride on the Western Frontier 1865-1869”

The letters of Julia Gilliss have been collected into a nicely edited book, giving a woman’s firsthand view of the Pacific Northwest frontier right after the Civil War. Advertisements

Chief George of Skwa’s blurb for the Chinook prayer book

Another of the few direct quotes in Chinuk Wawa to be found in the pages of the old¬†Kamloops Wawa¬†newspaper,…

Annie York & Arthur Urquhart interview, Spuzzum, BC

Two amazing members of the Indigenous community in Spuzzum, British Columbia were interviewed by the amazing Imbert Orchard in 1977.

Beyond loan *words*: Tlingit phrases, metaphors, & calques from (BC) Chinuk Wawa

The freely available Sealaska Heritage Foundation dictionary of Tlingit is a goldmine.

“Buckskin Cookery” & cambium

I recently picked up a trove of books related to BC’s Cariboo region, including one with a recipe that I think tells us something about Chinook Jargon.

Grand Ronde Chinuk Wawa in the “Kalapuya Texts” (part 6: Totally new discoveries?)

Gleaning some odds and ends…

Eyley Sr. & Jr. tell “European stories” in Sahaptin

I’ve recently written how Kalapuyan speakers at Grand Ronde, Oregon, told “Petit Jean” stories in their languages, which show a good deal of Chinuk Wawa influence.

Siletz church services translated into “Jargon” well into 20th century

Locally, it was called “Jargon”.

Alkali Lake letters

From far northern Secwepemc territory, the winter’s sad tidings…

Maxime George and a couple of pidgins

Maxime George (1891-?) was a Dakelh chief in the Cariboo region of British Columbia.