1892: Nearly all Tlingits speak Chinuk Wawa

In debunking a rumor that the missionary Sheldon Jackson had been murdered by Alaska Natives, we learn a huge linguistic reason why it’s preposterous. Advertisements

1897, (New) Metlakatla: The Indians here wake cumtux chinook wahwah

As the “Clondyke” mania raged, a well-prepared goldrusher incidentally stopping off at Metlakatla, Alaska was surprised Chinuk Wawa was useless there.

1862: Haidas could communicate with us only via Jargon-speaking newcomers

A man who had been part of a gold rush to the Stikine River while Alaska was still Russian territory notes how limited chances for communication in Haida Gwaii were back then.

Nicola 1904: Sad Accident (Part 4)

It gives away no new thoughts of mine when I say the Christian warning in this concluding segment of our mini-series comes across different in Chinook Jargon than in English…

1856: Grand Ronde-style Chinuk Wawa makes friends in Australia

Oregon immigrant of 1849, steamboat captain Daniel O’Neill (1826-????), tells of his later adventures in Australia where Grand Ronde-style Chinook Jargon came in handy.

Mrs. Jasper Gates’s stage fright

A fairly charming incident…

Shortened Japanese words in Jargon?

Let’s quickly do away with a myth about Chinuk Wawa….

Seattle: Day in Court for Indians, 1899

From a pretty racist newspaper article, let’s excerpt just its cartoon and one paragraph.

Nicola 1904: Sad Accident (Part 3)

Good news and bad news, as this tale of misfortune goes on…


I sure wish I could’ve met and talked with this remarkable Syilx (Okanagan) man.