Discoveries in Edward Huggins’s “Reminiscences of Puget Sound”

How would you like to read the firsthand memories of someone who served at the HBC’s / Puget Sound Agricultural Co.’s farms in the frontier era?

1882: The Duke of York speaks again

Local news coverage by Settlers was almost always racist…

Coming soon to Camas-Washougal? “Hyas Point”

A projected new waterfront development on the Washington side of the lower Columbia River has a Chinook Jargon moniker…

1894: Thanksgiving thoughts from Franz Boas

I think the following would be easy and delightful to translate into Chinuk Wawa; anybody care to try it, on their American Thanksgiving holiday?

1861 CPE: “Too muchee ghost”

That other widely used pidgin language of the West Coast shows up in plenty of early journalistic accounts of life out here. 

1891, Bellingham WA: “A Sign of Civilization”

See what you think…

Beresford 1789 [1786-1787] found no northern NWCoast pidgins

Thanks to John Enrico’s phenomenal “Haida Dictionary” (freely searchable here), I found this additional on-the-spot report from earliest times of Native-Newcomer contact on the Northwest Coast.

1900 letter: A Native Donation to a favourite band

One of the very few times I’ve seen any Kwak’wala (“Kwakiutl”) word used in a Chinook Jargon environment!

1901: Olympia CW-dependent humor

If you grew up in Washington State when I did, you know “it’s the water”…

More about Ktunaxa use of Chinuk Wawa

I’ve been having a look into Leonard Corwin Brant’s book…