Songs of LBDB (Part 2: “America”)

Now switching over to Laura Belle Downey-Bartlett’s “Chinook-English Songs” book…

Métis French is part English :)

When I look through a dictionary of Michif (mixed Cree-French language of Métis people, just possibly one of Chinuk Wawa’s ancestor languages), I see a good deal of French + English blending…

1891: Grotesque admixture…or just Jargon

From an article in a popular national newspaper (really a magazine) in the early post-frontier era…

And another Haida-style “northern song”!

Hayu masi kopa Deb Masso, who shared a song I’d never heard before…

French-creole Chinuk Wawa domestic relations

A new language is said to “creolize” when it becomes a community’s mother tongue…

1893: Chinatown agitated

History in the making: the legality of the US’s Chinese Exclusion Act is being decided…

1843: Belcher on “Chenooks”

Captain Sir Edward Belcher, a British naval commander, left us one of the less well-known memoirs of a late July to mid-September 1839 visit to the Fort Vancouver and Fort George (Astoria) area.

Songs of LBDB (Part 1)

“Tenas Liza Jane” is the only song in Laura Belle Downey-Bartlett’s 1924 dictionary that doesn’t also appear in her “Chinook-English Songs” book.

“małni”: the feature film & the old word

From the Tate Modern (London, UK) website, news dated January 8th of a feature film using Chinook Jargon:

Why x̣áwqał isn’t an adverb, & why that matters

x̣áwqał ‘unable to, can’t’ is not an adverb.