Indian rites over body of old chief

A lot of confusion in a small paragraph about the Puyallup tribe… Advertisements

Shoalwater Bay stories, Part 1

Here is a traditional, and I expect true, story about the origin of southwest Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula and Shoalwater Bay. 

1855 Indian war: The Puget Sound Rangers know when they’re being cussed at in Jargon

I ask you: if you were a freaked-out Settler under armed Indigenous attack, how well would you understand what your enemies were hollering at you in Chinuk Wawa?

1893: A quick study at Spences Bridge…a kid from Ontario?

Here’s one of the many nice examples of people quickly learning to read Chinuk Pipa back in the day…I challenge you to match their success!

Muck-a-muck potlatch menu

Subtext: the governor of post-frontier Washington State may have stood out for not not knowing Chinuk Wawa very well.

Robert K. Beecham, the Canadian “Chinook poet” of Everett

Robert K. Beecham (1838-1920), born in New Brunswick, served in a Wisconsin division in the US Civil War, moved to Everett, Washington in 1894 — which is a telling detail.

The importance of women in printing Kamloops Wawa

All I can add to this superb and important note about Chinuk Pipa‘s reliance on female printers is that Angele Edward was Hyacinth Sisyésq’t’s daughter-in-law.

1859: Capture and destruction of the brig Swiss Boy

David K. Welden or Walden, “master” of the American brig Swiss Boy, took to newsprint to publicize the loss of his ship in the Ditidaht area of Vancouver Island.

In trouble

Another frontier-era meditation on whether Chinuk Wawa renders you fit for “civilized” life…

Johnny Skuzzy, Catholic outcast in Lytton, BC

Quite a bit of interesting Chinuk Wawa stuff came out of the Catholic/Protestant turf border town of Lytton, BC…