1900 letter: A Native Donation to a favourite band

One of the very few times I’ve seen any Kwak’wala (“Kwakiutl”) word used in a Chinook Jargon environment!

1901: Olympia CW-dependent humor

If you grew up in Washington State when I did, you know “it’s the water”…

More about Ktunaxa use of Chinuk Wawa

I’ve been having a look into Leonard Corwin Brant’s book…

Bagley, “The Acquisition and Pioneering of Old Oregon”

I acquired a little book by Clarence Bagley, “The Acquisition and Pioneering of Old Oregon: In the Beginning / Pioneer Reminiscences” (Fairfield, WA: Ye Galleon Press, undated].

John Enrico’s insights on the old “Haida” Jargon

Independent agreement that there was a sort of pidginized Haida in use during early days of contact with non-Indigenous people…

The Mission Field and “Chinhook” (Part 2 of 6)

Calling all “back-translators” —

1910: Poker Jim Promises to Help Pendleton Round-Up

Pioneer-era boyhood friends communicated in Chinuk Wawa across ethnic lines…

1860: Dr. Garrett, James Douglas, and Victoria Native school

Thanks again to researcher Jakob Svorkdal of the University of Victoria for sharing another neat document of Chinook Jargon use in frontier-era Victoria, BC.

1900: Klose Tillicum literary society

Seems like it was always in the post-frontier era, after Jargon declined from daily use, that Settlers started naming things in it.

1873, Oregon: Indian Frank’s opinion

You can express irony in a pidgin language!