Chinuk Wawa in a Stó:lō hymn book (Part 11: The Lord’s Prayer)

Now this.

James G. Swan’s diary (1859-63)

Shortly after living on Shoalwater Bay, Washington Territory, where he wrote his famous memoir / document of Chinook Jargon…

‘Angry’ because of White people?

Chinuk Wawa’s basic word sáliks surprised me the other day.

‘Wait’, but don’t ‘wait for’, the origin of the Jargon quasi-Passive!

Weit is the most common way to express ‘wait’ in British Columbia-style Chinook Wawa.

Possessed penis

A basic anatomical word whose etymology hasn’t been fully explained before…

1907: A (mis-)remembered central Washington “Lord’s Prayer”?

A Lord’s Prayer that giveth, and taketh away!

Indian Heaven: more about sáx̣ali-íliʔi

I’ve written recently that sáx̣ali-íliʔi is an old lower Columbia phrase in Chinuk Wawa for highlands, uplands, mountainous territory, uphill, and so on.

Chinuk Wawa isn’t “Nominative-Accusative” nor “Ergative-Absolutive”

This is either a trivial point or a huge one.

1897: Yust for fun: Scandihoovian dialect humor

Dialect comedy was ultra-popular in the 1800s, and Scandinavian dialect comedy became a big trend in the post-frontier Pacific Northwest.

Discovering “mammok papoose” & more parallels between animals & humans

A newly discovered phrase in BC Chinook Jargon…