“Coquelle Thompson, Athabaskan Witness”

From the unusually fine biography of someone whose life spanned from early contact times past World War 2 (circa 1848-1946), we learn some valuable Chinuk Wawa information.

Joaquin writes to Al Tozier

Here’s a nice connection between our beloved Jargon and a celebrity of the late Western frontier…

Interplay of definiteness and verbal aspect

In previous articles here on my site, I’ve pointed out “definiteness effects” with CW’s resumptive yaka and ɬaska.

1909: Spokane’s A.H. Simmons knows lots of languages

Busman’s holiday much?

Red River Métis semantics and Chinuk Wawa

Here are a number of items I note in Métis French…

1867: A Cariboo cuss word

One of the most interesting points in this frontier-era BC news story (thanks to Alex Code for sending me it) is a Dene (Athabaskan) word for ‘boobs’ in Cariboo Chinook Jargon.

People who connect Red River and Chinook Jargon

85+ Red River Settlement connections with Chinook Wawa’s Métis homeland

Red River Métis syntax and Chinuk Wawa

So far, I’ve posted discussions of parallels between Red River Métis French words and their relatives in Chinuk Wawa. Now, on to syntax…

1902: “The Yamhills” by the other Cooper

I’m no huge fan of James Fenimore Cooper, so it’s a relief to me that this here Settler-written “Indian” fiction from the Grand Ronde area isn’t from his pen.

Red River Métis consonants in Chinuk Wawa

I kicked off this mini-series on Red River Métis connections with Chinuk Wawa by discussing patterns in the vowels of French words.