Crazy etymology claim: “hike” is from Chinook Jargon!

Picking up a trail I’ve merely pointed at before… Advertisements

1882: Trying to argue in Jargon for assimilation, with Indians you’re interviewing

“Into Eastern Washington by Rail” is a newspaper’s local-colour piece showing the reporter arguing with Indigenous people at Ainsworth (it was near latter-day Pasco), Washington Territory…

Confirmed: Grand Ronde CW ‘colt’

Serendipitously, we can now confirm a “new” Jargon discovery that I noted just the other day.

1854: Alki’s Denny has more to say about Chinuk Wawa monolinguals making bad citizens

A letter from well-known Alki (soon to be Seattle) pioneer A[rthur] A. Denny¬†(1822-1899) clarifies what had been reported of his views expressed at the Territorial Assembly session…

Olive Quigley interview

I’m always happy to learn more about female speakers of Chinook Jargon, as they’ve been underrepresented in the fur-trade-centric historical record.

The last writing of the first Chinuk Pipa writer

About this time 126 years ago, a sad end came to a remarkable and important young man…

Sarcastic birthday wishes to a Goldendale editor, in Jargon

How do you interpret this? I’m curious!

Grand Ronde Chinuk Wawa in the “Kalapuya Texts”: pants postscript

Thanks to excellent comments by Henry Zenk and Jedd Schrock, we have no reason to presume lumalun ‘trousers’ is CW after all.

Chinuk Wawa as far east as Montana in 1862?

Many years afterward, Randall H. Hewitt memorialized his cross-country journey during the Civil War overland to the Pacific Northwest in an amazingly overlooked book…

1854: We can’t let creole Chinuk Wawa monolinguals vote

Buried main point: Everybody knew there was a big population of monolingual creole Chinuk Wawa speakers in 1854!