Learning from the Lane learners (Part 1)

I want to show appreciation to the great people of Lane Community College in Oregon, who have created a magazine in, and titled, chinuk-wawa.

Chinook Jargon in the news: Sasquatch

Our latest installment of an occasional feature here on ChinookJargon.com…

1923 doggerel: “On the Road to Old Klukwan”

The lighthearted newspaper of a US Army post in southeast Alaska provides us with some doggerel poetic entertainment.

Things Chinuk Wawa doesn’t do (Part 1)

I’ve mentioned, over the years, many things you just won’t be able to do when talking Chinook Jargon. I think these are valuable little lessons in how to talk this language right…

Lempfrit’s legendary, long-lost linguistic legacy (Part 9)

In our previous installment, we discovered 2 entire pages that hadn’t been known to Chinuk Wawa scholars. Let’s see what turns up this time around!

1870: Neah Bay oath, and election fraud

At the link below, go read the full story of massive Settler meddling with the Native vote at the Makah Indian Reservation.

1871 [1838] “sopenaի” isn’t about jumping

A word that I guess only one Chinuk Wawa dictionary reports to us is “sopenaի“…

Blankenship, “The Early History of Thurston County” (Part 3)

This time: memories of Pacific Islanders, Métis, Native people, and a tense conversation…

“Straight talk” in “Chinook Texts”

Wawa dret!

Kamloops Wawa pictures, part 7: The Chilliwhack brass brand

“THE INDIANS OF BRITISH COLUMBIA” …is the page header.