McArthur’s “Oregon Geographic Names” (part 4 of 8)

Part 4 of our mini-series on McArthur’s classic reference work about “Oregon Geographic Names”…

1847: Joel Palmer’s “Journal”

Joel Palmer (1810-1881) was one of the first to publish a mass-market book describing the Oregon Country…

“Sweet BetseyAnn Spikes” :) (part 7 of 7)

#7 is the last in our mini-series on this charming pseudonymous character.

1846: Frémont’s “Narrative” and implicit CW

Not all documents of Chinuk Wawa seem like documents of CW.

1888: A sermon by Myron Eells (part 3)

The third page (page 34) of this sermon, published in Horatio Hale’s “An International Idiom“.

‘Quahogs’ a-popping?

Subtitled, nope, they just suck. Subtitled, even John Peabody Harrington wasn’t infallible.

Resolved: single-word emotions are from Chinookan, multi-word from Salish

Here I’m supposing that Chinuk Wawa’s psychological-state (including emotion) lexemes typically derive from Lower Chinookan…

Do-ka-batl story, and more Lushootseed-tinged CW

A hat tip today to Jim Mattila, who has sent me some more historic articles that relate to Lushootseed speakers and Chinuk Wawa!

hílu-tə́mtəm from Lower Chinookan

Coyote’s turds are always insulting him…

A reason, maybe, for that spelling “Ts’inuk”

I think the alternate spelling of “Chinook” as < Ts’inuk > goes back to one or more very well-informed researchers of our region’s Indigenous languages.