Father Felix Bucher of Grand Ronde reservation

Felix Bucher 1862-1938 was the successor to the pioneer priest Adrien Croquet at Grand Ronde Indian Reservation, Oregon…

Learning from the Lane learners (Part 2)

Let’s learn some more from “Chinuk-Wawa: Leyk-Skul, Buk 2”, a wonderful magazine created by Lane Community College’s learners of Chinook Jargon.

Things Chinuk Wawa doesn’t do (Part 2)

From your own learning, what have you learned Chinuk Wawa doesn’t do? Leave me a Comment & I’ll write about your idea!

What we did in our BC Chinuk Wawa session today!

This morning (8AM Pacific time = BC, WA, Oregon, California, Alaska time), we worked together to read through some Romans.

1880: Grand Ronde Indians talk English & Jargon

This clipping comes from a fascinating in-between time…

Blankenship, “The Early History of Thurston County” (Part 4)

And now, more lovely Chinook stuff from a book about early Settlers’ lives on southern Puget Sound.

Pidgin English “allsame” in Chinuk Wawa

We’ve found Chinese Pidgin English-style “allsame” a couple times in Chinuk Wawa, as a synonym of kakwa.

1905: John McLoughlin’s old definition of “cultus” is a mystery for us

If we can assume the following quotation from the Hudsons Bay Company’s Dr. John McLoughlin (1784-1857) is genuine, where did the newspaper get it from?

Boas 1892: Many discoveries in a short article (Part 10: ‘to make’)

In his short but punchy 1892 article reporting newly noticed Chinuk Wawa words in the lower Columbia River region, Franz Boas says as basic an idea as ‘make’ has new expression…

1893: Gill vs. Hale, debating pre-contact Chinuk Wawa

(Image credit: Internet Archive) Too bad if you haven’t yet read JC Pilling’s 1893 “Bibliography of the Chinookan Languages” (it’s for free at that link).