1902: Chiefs, coyotes, lapses, and excellent Bible translation

Here’s another minor mistake in Chinook translation, but it’s one that generates an awesome bit of Bible reading.

1793:”Sail” was a trade item, duh!

In which I dope-slap my forehead…

1996: WJ Samarin, “Arctic Origin”, and ♀

Most of what scholars have published about Chinuk Wawa is worth a read if you’re a regular person, too.

1908: The most detailed description of North American French?

A scholar observed once, in a review of someone else’s publication, that most academic studies of North American French are plagued by a certain anecdotal quality…

European languages as one inspiration for GR CW long vs. short pronouns?

Let me start with a disclaimer.

1794: The earliest possible date for Chinook Jargon

To provoke your thoughts on the origin of Chinuk Wawa…

“Haul” as a Métis/Canadian word, too

We understand Chinuk Wawa’s word hál ‘to pull’ as coming from English ‘haul’.

The French Half-Breeds of the Northwest

I want to keep sharing what I’ve been learning of how Métis people, who were so crucial in bringing Chinuk Wawa to its classic and current form, spoke…

Why there’s a Chehalis and a Scowlitz in BC

Why is there a “Chehalis” in both Washington & BC, and a “Cowlitz” in WA plus a “Scowlitz” in BC?

1833-35: Journal of Occurrences at Nisqually House, CW in transition, and a pidgin Interior Salish?

Not to be confused with the later “Nisqually Journals” of 1849-1852 (ed. by Victor J. Farrar, who helped Clarence Bagley with the stuff we’ll be looking at below) that I recently investigated, okay?