An obscure book we need to find…

Henry Derr Wiard Reynolds’s book “Kladawah” is said to exist in only one physical copy. Advertisements

Tulalip, from My Heart

Here’s a post-frontier Native person from north of Seattle, telling about a stereotype of Indians that didn’t fit her…

Shaker prayer

Has anyone ever written about WHY Indian Shaker Churches use(d) Chinook Jargon?

“A River out of Eden”

Chinuk Wawa steadily draws the imagination of novelists…

So hílu (halo) *is* from Haida. Or?

Or, more accurately, from Pidgin Haida.

Spotted in the wild: CUMTUX sticker

Send me your photos of Chinuk Wawa “spotted in the wild”! I found this rock band sticker in downtown Spokane, WA, last summer: What do you think? qʰáta máyka tə́mtəm?

Spotted in the wild: LEMOLO poster

Send in your “spotted in the wild” photos of Chinuk Wawa! This one was snapped at the Bartlett music club in Spokane, WA, where the opening festivities featured rock band LEMOLO (‘wild’): Kahta… Continue reading

‘Thing’ = ‘genitals’: a Chinookan metaphor

Full credit to Sarah, Tony, and Henry for noting this Indigenous metaphor. It’s their thing.

A woman is a “good man” and Chinook was invented by the HBC!

Two linguistic myths in one article, one old, one new!

New discovery: ‘horn spoon’ in Salish < Jargon < French < Indian

Father Louis-Napoléon St. Onge’s big 1892 manuscript dictionary of Chinuk Wawa from the lower Columbia River region has a word that has nagged at my brain for a long time…