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So 2 chiefs & a priest to go Europe, part 64 — FINALE

Pi naika wawa “Mirri Krismas” pi “Hapi Nyu Iiiir” kopa msaika.  Kanawi tilikom mitlait kopa Kamlups, klaska wiht wawa kakwa kopa msaika. And I say “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” to you folks. Everyone who lives… Continue reading

Jargon (and callie-ope) in more old sports cheers

One fictional (1898): And one factual (1897): Just try and tell the difference! A lot of team yells several decades ago sported equally nonsensical blends of Chinook Jargon and, um, white-people vocables.

So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 63

(Previous installment.) […] Hlawt ilihi, klaska wiht skukum pus iskom […] Hallout village, can also be counted on to take mokst tatilam pipa; Shushwap tilikom, kopa twenty copies; the Shuswap people, among taii Adam… Continue reading

Raw furs. — Read this!

(Relating to a question from Eric Michael Bernando in the Facebook Chinook Jargon group:) RAW FURS. — READ THIS! Tlus nanich ukuk: Pay attention to this: Msaika tlap ayu bir, bivir, wail kat,… Continue reading

General Pickett: “Keep up a skookum tum-tum, dear one”

La Salle “Sallie” Corbell Pickett, third wife of Confederate general George E. Pickett of the doomed Pickett’s Charge, wrote a number of publications including her 1899 book, “Pickett and his Men” (Atlanta: Foote… Continue reading