Monthly Archive: January, 2019

New discovery: ‘horn spoon’ in Salish < Jargon < French < Indian

Father Louis-Napoléon St. Onge’s big 1892 manuscript dictionary of Chinuk Wawa from the lower Columbia River region has a word that has nagged at my brain for a long time… Advertisements

Words that fell off the turnip tsiktsik

…but they didn’t *just* fall off!

“Far” as another Intensifier: a French metaphor?

We’ve seen how Chinuk Wawa uses a number of words as adverbial Intensifiers…

Metalinguistic comments on Chinuk Wawa in Chinuk Wawa

It’s always fascinating when you’re learning a language, and you encounter a speaker of that language talking about that language in that language!

Adjectives (sort of) from Canadian / Métis / Mississippi Valley French

The broad-brush depiction has it that Chinuk Wawa’s nouns from “mountain man” French start with “L”…

Me no takee, me no do

To be filed under “more evidence that pidgin languages are street languages”:

Cervus illeheus, Farula klahhane, Camassia quamash

Not a Harry Potter spell, but a crowd-sourcing challenge to my readers…

Ugh! So these 2 white women decide to write fiction about Indians…

This is just a short note about a literary use of Chinook Jargon.

Chief Kettle, donated labor, and the “la-lode”

The predictions of Linguistic Archaeology are confirmed!

ASSAULT: Full Moon gives evidence in Chinook

And here’s another example of Chinese immigrants probably speaking Chinuk Wawa with Indigenous people.