Monthly Archive: April, 2016

Amusing, with a donkey

Yay, more donkeys! Sometimes in his Kamloops Wawa newspaper, Father Le Jeune would try to teach people who knew “Chinuk pipa” shorthand some English. Like any teacher, L.J. gave some lessons that we have to… Continue reading

Life among the Inuit, in Chinuk Wawa

I promised this when I showed you “Life among the Crees, in Chinuk Wawa“, and I deliver. Visiting Kamloops Indian Reserve, Monsignor Grouard OMI of Athabasca is lecturing about his business trips. Now… Continue reading

“Tillicum” and Chinuk Wawa, on PRI’s “The World”

So this linguist guy showed up on the radio all over the place again, yesterday.  It was on Public Radio International. The show called “PRI’s The World” is running a series, “Name Tag”, about… Continue reading

From mulishness to jackassery

Thus my website improves 🙂 I’ve written about how Chinuk Wawa words for “mule” include some of the rare Spanish loans into this language, mulo and mula.  The kinda hard to use, but deeply valuable,… Continue reading

Life among the Crees, in Chinuk Wawa

(Tune in next time for Life among the Inuit, in Chinuk Wawa.  I promise!) Sometimes you can’t find the sun, but the fish won’t leave you alone: Life among the Crees, as told… Continue reading

Stoves! Another Chinook ad

From the Education & Entertainment Department: A Chinuk Wawa ad for stoves & equipment. It advises readers to write to McLennan & McFeely in Vancouver, as usual specifying how to write their address not in shorthand.… Continue reading

“Potlatch” is not Chinook for “potlatch”

This post is a polemical claim, a challenge to my readers. The realization has been building in my mind for years…Iʹm none too sure Iʹve ever seen potlatch used in Chinook Jargon to mean… Continue reading

Assimilation’s Agent: My Life As a Superintendent in the Indian Boarding School System

łush ukuk buk: Someone has shown the fine judgment to publish the memoir of Edwin L. Chalcraft as a book, under a title he might never have come up with: “Assimilation’s Agent: My Life As… Continue reading

5 shorthand symbols no one ever used

“Chinuk pipa” shorthand officially had its own set of numerals, but they were confusing (see here how they were identical to alphabet letters!) Aboriginal writers never used them. Here are 5 number symbols… Continue reading

Chinook for Washington Pioneer.

With, as usual, my suggested translation put between the lines, let’s read from page 1 of the June 2, 1899 issue (volume 13, number 24) of the Mason County [WA] Journal: Chinook for Washington Pioneer.… Continue reading