Monthly Archive: April, 2020

‘Eyes’ are related to ‘mirror’

A discovery, I propose:

Like likes: 2 grammaticalizations from the same word

Today I’m sketching the start of an idea to be fleshed out further…

Confirmation of lisítaluy ‘squash’ from Canadian French

Previously in this space…

A Chinookan etymology for ‘mirror’

A super-charming Clackamas Upper Chinookan recollection tells of the people using the first frying pans they were given as mirrors…

For my French-speaking readers

A very well-researched blog article on the history of Chinuk Wawa dictionaries:

Lapwen for ‘frying pan’ — Cree influence?

A tip of the siyápuł / chapeau / drying pan to Dale McCreery for putting this bug in my ear during the weekly Chinook Wawa online study session this Saturday. (Message me if you… Continue reading

Chinuk Wawa in a Stó:lō hymn book (Part 8: Psychedelia)

It’s been a bit since our last installment in this mini-series, and circumstances might have you wishing for more Chinook Jargon hymns to sing…

sámn in Lower Cowlitz Salish

A very short further note on the huge impact of Chinuk Wawa on the Cowlitz tribe of southwest Washington state.

Turtles all the way down? Ft. Vancouver in Chinook Jargon

Early settlers testified that the area of Fort Vancouver was known by Indigenous names referring to “mud turtles”; how about we slide into that subject?

A word & an Indigenous metaphor discovered: ‘Deceive’ is solved by birds

I think I’ve just solved a mystery we’ve been examining, by turning up an Indigenous metaphor!