Monthly Archive: April, 2020

The non-cussin’ way to talk about 2-spirits

I recently wrote about the rare old Chinuk Wawa word < bur-dash >, concluding that it’s a Canadian cuss word for ‘homosexual’.

“Camas stick” revisited!

Dedicated to the memory of Pauline Pascal Flett (1926-2020), whose love of and work for her Spokane Salish language put me on the path to being a professional linguist.

Tokitae in the media

A recent news story redefines a Chinuk Wawa word for us…

Champoeg & sand & water?

Please categorize today’s post among my more purely speculative ones; it’s about chámpʰúyk, as it’s known in Jargon…

Units of measure & “perch”

On the Columbia River in fur-trade times, North American French units of measure were about as standardized as you got.

Idaho CPE (The Other End)

While the West was still a bunch of Territories, Chinese immigrants knew how to unite to stake out their territory.

Songs of LBDB: Part 5 (Ben Bolt)

Mrs. Bartlett, do you remember how they spoke Chinook on the frontier?

Notices & voyages…and francophone taxonomy

So I think I’ve already blogged about much of the material that’s in this book….

‘Deceive’ is a trickster of a word

There’s a phrase that’s trickier than it looks…

Every which way but proved: ‘crooked’

File this in the Annoying Linguist Dept.