Monthly Archive: April, 2014

Small Pleasures, a short dramatic film in Chinook Wawa

“Small Pleasures” is a short dramatic film in Chinook Wawa by Karin Lee. It’s set in Barkerville, BC, in the 1860s and features female characters of both Chinese and First Nations background. What… Continue reading

If you searched for…

Sometimes I notice people drifting in to my site looking for particular things relating to Chinook Jargon. Let me be of assistance (I had to guess at a couple of these): If you searched… Continue reading

The guy who taught Chinook Jargon to Franz Boas

Johan Adrian Jacobsen: This is the Norwegian fella that taught Franz Boas the Chinook Jargon. You gotta realize that’s a big deal. I learned about that from “Captured Heritage: The Scramble for Northwest… Continue reading

AUDIO: Cornelius Kelleher quotes Father Fouquet

Share this! LISTEN to Cornelius Kelleher/Kellegher: Cornelius Kelleher (a.k.a. Kellegher) was among the early students at St. Mary’s (Mission) Residential School on the lower Fraser River in BC.  He is said to have… Continue reading