Monthly Archive: October, 2013

Dude, where’s my trough dish?

I notice a couple more bits of possible “hidden” Chinook Jargon in southwestern Washington Salish. ta’nasloɬ, ta nasloɬ  “trough dish”  (Upper Chehalis) The -loɬ is a lexical suffix meaning “dish”.  What do you… Continue reading

Things you never thought of when you were thinking of England

I mentioned that you find the coolest, un-indexed Chinook Jargon words scattered through all sorts of other materials.  Those words can tell you a lot of surprising stories about how CJ was being… Continue reading

Trains (not planes or automobiles) in Upper Chehalis

I was trying to figure out a long, complicated and obscure Lower Chehalis word by comparisons with nearby languages when I came upon a Chinook Jargon loan into Upper Chehalis Salish. M. Dale… Continue reading

Coyote, Mink, Louse, PUNS

When you listen to the traditional stories, you get to reach your own conclusions.  What do you think of mine? Here are some words for ‘louse’ in Salish languages of Chinook Jargon’s homeland,… Continue reading

Honne, the spirit of the Chehalis

An older book, the classic of Warshington literature “Honne, the Spirit of the Chehalis“, by George Sanders, has been published in a new edition.  (Some people cite him as Saunders.) This retelling of… Continue reading

Go, North Beach Hyaks!

So on a trip to the Chinook Jargon homeland (Willapa Bay, WA) this weekend, I picked up the Pacific County Press issue of October 17, 2013. Lo and behold, on page 11, I found that… Continue reading

Chinook and owls?

I happened to notice one word for owls in both Cowlitz and Upper Chehalis, a couple of Salish languages from the original homeland of Chinook Jargon: Cowlitz – čənóʔkʷšitm “owl (hawk?)” Upper Chehalis… Continue reading


Illahie: Exploring life, faith, language and the world around us is my friend Bernard von Schulmann’s neat blog.   He’s filling it with fascinating reading, including Chinook Jargon stuff. Go!

Albert Veranous Franklin, Tatla Lake, BC, talks Chinook

Thanks to Sam Sullivan and Robert ‘Rob’ ‘Lucky’ Budd for pointing this gem out!   Robert Budd’s hit book “Voices of British Columbia” sounds like a great read!  Here is a little something… Continue reading