Honne, the spirit of the Chehalis

An older book, the classic of Warshington literature “Honne, the Spirit of the Chehalis“, by George Sanders, has been published in a new edition.  (Some people cite him as Saunders.)

Honne the spirit of the Chehalis

This retelling of traditional stories first came out in 1925.  The new edition, from Bison Books, came out in 2012.  It’s graced with the refining touch of Jay Miller.

I’m leaving this blog post brief, but I can tell you this old book is a decent read and one of the few resources you’ll find for the culture of the Chehalis Indians, Lower or Upper, who played such a vital role in forming Chinook Jargon.  And you will in fact notice some CJ in its pages.  Worth a read, and worth making a gift of to someone you respect.

Honne first edition