Monthly Archive: February, 2023

Howay [Haswell, Boit, Hoskins] “Voyages of the Columbia” (Part 4 of 5)

I’m still asking, can you find evidence of Chinook Jargon in our tally of the described communications in these old journals?

1921: Prayer Chanted in Indian Opens House Session

I include a clipping of the entire article in case you want to read it…

Siletz chiefs’ speeches for back-translation into CW (Part 6 of 6)

nayka wáwa drét háyú mási kʰapa David Gene Lewis, PhD.

“Stick shoes”, the mollusc (and a 4-way pun)

I was looking at clams and such…

Kamloops Wawa pictures, Part 3: Coldwater Scenery

From Coldwater, BC, the village where Chinuk pipa literacy first got popular among Native people…

1893: An Ahtanum pom-pom (púmpum)

Something you often used to see in Washington state newspapers was reportage about “Chinook dances” .

Boas 1892: Many discoveries in a short article (Part 5: ‘to dream’)

Today’s word from Franz Boas’s 1892 article “The Chinook Jargon” isn’t some then-new Lower Chehalis Salish-sourced discovery.

Komtakst/komtaks and klaksta/klaska in BC Chinuk Wawa

In my 2012 dissertation, I took note of a pronunciation peculiarity of Kamloops-area Chinuk Wawa…

Lempfrit’s legendary, long-lost linguistic legacy (Part 4)

Discoveries! I love it when we find “new” words in Chinuk Wawa.

1883: Sarah Winnemucca has opinions about Chinook Jargon in education

A Native author and activist had her own views about educating kids in Chinuk Wawa that might surprise you…