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Re-evaluating Boas’s 1888 “Chinook Songs” (part 5)

The takeaway here is that it’s a good thing we’re examining these song lyrics in light of Chinook Jargon knowledge acquired since 1888.

1903: Ways of Indian and Chinook Jargon

A post-frontier Portland human interest/editorial piece pronounces Chinuk Wawa long dead.

Re-evaluating Boas’s 1888 “Chinook Songs” (Part 4)

Spoiler alert…

Klahowya! From the Strait of Juan de Fuca?

This idea was first inspired by a song sung by Dr. Scott Tyler 20 years ago, so I say ƛ̓e●ko● to him.

Nez Perce metal names

There’s Chinuk Wawa here. Do you see it?

1840: Chinook Jargon spread to Puget Sound early…but nobody understood it

A historical reenactment of a heavily Chinuk Wawa-centred event…

1914: Booster Club Passes the Buck

By 1914, it was becoming somewhat challenging to find a confident speaker of Chinuk Wawa on Puget Sound…

Re-evaluating Boas’s 1888 “Chinook Songs” (Part 3)

Onward to three more of the “Chinook Songs”…

Another old BC Jargon song

There might be an audio recording in existence of this intriguing link to Franz Boas’s much earlier work on similar British Columbia “Chinook Songs”. READER CHALLENGE: CAN YOU FIND IT?

1897: What John Miller Murphy’s Chinook Jargon meant

A column (or article) titled “The Interpretation” delves into the intended meaning of a Chinuk Wawa political comment.