Monthly Archive: September, 2019

Sm’algyax’s Jargon traces

Much as we’ve seen in Alaskan Haida and Tlingit, the Tsimshian language of southeast Alaska carries a number of traces of its contact with Chinuk Wawa decades ago.

From Grand Ronde to Cheney: Chinuk Wawa translation in Eastern WA, 1881

An unexpected early Chinook Jargon connection between Grand Ronde country and Spokane territory…

BC word discovery: “Siwash potatoes” = spring beauty (& other observations)

“An Early Settler Takes up Land” is a 1950 memoir by the late T.H. Butters…

Alaskan Haida’s BC / Aboriginal Jargon traces

Alaskan Haida retains quite a few indications of contact with Chinook Jargon, and they connect it directly with British Columbia.

The enduring influence of early-creolized Chinuk Wawa: a Cowlitz Tribe 1915 meeting

Wonderful evidence of the lasting influence of early-creolized Chinuk Wawa in southwest Washington state…

The Nez Perce Indians, picking hops north of 49

Remembering several years up to 1912, a BC Okanagan Settler reminisces about Nez Perce tribal people who would come up from the Colville Indian Reservation to pick hops in the Vernon area.

1891: Snohomish Pioneers talk in Chinook

Even at the dawn of the post-frontier era, Chinook Jargon was for old-timers on Puget Sound.

1897 California CPE: The Tongs Much Exercised

A gang conflict flares up into a fatal shooting in post-frontier Sacramento…

Circa 1853: Girls just want to have fun

Martha [Conner] Ellis Sapp, born circa 1844, came to the Pacific Northwest coast square in the middle of the frontier era, when you most definitely had to “do it yourself”.