1891: Snohomish Pioneers talk in Chinook

e.c. ferguson

E.C. Ferguson (image credit: Snohomish Then and Now)

Even at the dawn of the post-frontier era, Chinook Jargon was for old-timers on Puget Sound.

Exhibit A:

Pioneers talk in Chinook

Pioneers Talk in Chinook.

E.C. Ferguson, president of the Snohomish First National bank and father of that town, was in the city yesterday on business, and when he reached the corner of Second and Cherry streeets was met by Hillory Butler, the second sheriff of King county. They shook hands warmly and began a vigorous conversation in the Chinook jargon. They spoke of old times, and their use of the Indian language caused considerable amusement to a number of the younger generations who stood around.

— from the Seattle (WA) Post-Intelligencer of June 30, 1891, page 8, column 4

How quickly our coolness turns into a laughingstock. This is like my kids’ reaction to punk rock.

Last Laugh Dept.: Chinuk Wawa is cool again. Get ready for the Black Flag reunion 🙂

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