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It’s such an ancient pitch But one that I’d never switch ‘Cause there’s no nicer witch than you — Frank Sinatra, “Witchcraft”

Chinook Jargon prayer

People are looking for this kind of thing online…

Smallpox in Chinuk Wawa

There’s a word for that. Devoted readers may realize that this blog has so far only touched on one of the biggest issues in Pacific Northwest history: smallpox.

A misunderstanding: “Halo ticky, halo kloshe”

Do you agree?

Nesika klose ilahe Umatilla! (& Grand Ronde)

File under “Grand Ronde” (surprisingly), plus the usual “Doggerel”, “Poetry”, and “Pioneers”…

French of the Mountains: more evidence

A comment in a BC government publication of the late 19th century supports the claims that there was a pidginized “French of the Mountains” in use.

Creolization of Chinuk Wawa at Qualicum, BC?

“The only language at Qualicum is Chinook” — Is this a form of creolization?

Grand Ronde/Fort Vancouver Chinook Jargon in a product placement

Paid advertising masquerading as editorial content…nothing is new under the sun!

Selish and Chinook dialects will not be transcribed with ease by means of Morice’s syllabary

The Chinuk pipa “Chinook shorthand” is the “Chinook shorthand” because of this…

The Kuaut reserves, a hotbed of Chinook shorthand correspondence

Quite accurate!