Monthly Archive: December, 2019

1890: Notes & Queries … and Salish?

I’m going to present an old article here, and then talk about one word in it…

1911: Cultus Chikamen doggerel

A short post-frontier poem called “Cultus Chikamen” [‘Worthless Money’] by W.R. Gordon expresses an old-timer’s nostalgia for seemingly more prosperous days.

1906: California Hobucket mamook iskum dhuoyuatz

A photo of an apparent Chinuk Wawa speaker, tucked away in a multi-volume work on West Coast ornithology, is rare evidence of an uncommon, useful Jargon phrase…

Is Chinuk Wawa’s “dago” Spanish, or Salish?

There’s a fairly rare word of Chinook Jargon that’s pretty much known only from James G. Swan’s mid-1850s stay on Shoalwater Bay, Washington.

1897-98: Raoul Renault in Le Courrier du Livre

A Québécois literary magazine put a good chunk of page space into a look at the “Chinook paper”…

1895, Kootenays: the most cultus bunch around

The Kootenays of southeast British Columbia (and Washington and Idaho) were one of the last strongholds of Chinuk Wawa.