Monthly Archive: June, 2021

1833-35: Journal of Occurrences at Nisqually House, CW in transition, and a pidgin Interior Salish?

Not to be confused with the later “Nisqually Journals” of 1849-1852 (ed. by Victor J. Farrar, who helped Clarence Bagley with the stuff we’ll be looking at below) that I recently investigated, okay?

More WW1 letters in BC Jargon

We’re again indebted to Alex Code of PoCo Heritage, this time for an addition to our file on wartime letters in Chinook “code talk”…

Catching up to an etymology for t’ɬáp

Here’s another in my sporadic observations on ancient roots of Chinuk Wawa words.

‘Strychnine’ in Port Coquitlam

Another hat tip to Alex Code, Museum Manager of PoCo Heritage Museum & Archives in Port Coquitlam, BC…

A little older (folk) etymology, and synonyms, for kabréys?

The experts all agree that “cabresse” is a North American French borrowing from the Spanish-speaking cattle herders of the American Southwest, perhaps via Louisiana. I agree too, but…

More clues that religious CW is southern, creole CW

It’s a point that I’ll always keep making, and building up the proof.

1888: A sermon by Myron Eells (part 5)

Time to pick this interesting thread up again…

At last, the Cree etymology of Siskiyou

A much-debated Chinuk Wawa word, considering how rare it is, is the name of the Siskiyou Mountains in Oregon’s Jackson and Josephine Counties, and into northern California.

“Mákook pi Sélim”

A brief illustration of how Chinook Jargon words change meaning over time…

1858: A California goldrusher on the Fraser speaks CW thru a bottleneck

Here’s one of the cheechakoes who did most of the work of making Chinuk Wawa a nearly universal BC language.