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Grand Ronde Chinuk Wawa in the “Kalapuya Texts”: pants postscript

Thanks to excellent comments by Henry Zenk and Jedd Schrock, we have no reason to presume lumalun ‘trousers’ is CW after all.

Chinuk Wawa as far east as Montana in 1862?

Many years afterward, Randall H. Hewitt memorialized his cross-country journey during the Civil War overland to the Pacific Northwest in an amazingly overlooked book…

1854: We can’t let creole Chinuk Wawa monolinguals vote

Buried main point: Everybody knew there was a big population of monolingual creole Chinuk Wawa speakers in 1854!

Indian Calendar

Introduced very early (Kamloops Wawa issue #13, in 1892), the “Indian Calendar” was a less well-known feature of the Chinuk Pipa literacy…

Thos Olney appointed interpreter of Chinook Jargon

This says it all…

Learn Chinook Jargon live: how to join the Saturday Morning Group

Here’s the secret password…

“So Far from Home: An Army Bride on the Western Frontier 1865-1869”

The letters of Julia Gilliss have been collected into a nicely edited book, giving a woman’s firsthand view of the Pacific Northwest frontier right after the Civil War.

Chief George of Skwa’s blurb for the Chinook prayer book

Another of the few direct quotes in Chinuk Wawa to be found in the pages of the old Kamloops Wawa newspaper,…

Annie York & Arthur Urquhart interview, Spuzzum, BC

Two amazing members of the Indigenous community in Spuzzum, British Columbia were interviewed by the amazing Imbert Orchard in 1977.

Beyond loan *words*: Tlingit phrases, metaphors, & calques from (BC) Chinuk Wawa

(I urge you to cross-reference this article with the one I did on Jargon traces in Alaskan Haida.) The freely available Sealaska Heritage Foundation dictionary of Tlingit is a goldmine.