Monthly Archive: August, 2018

Celilo Indian delegation, 1868

Here’s an early reservation-era document of a diplomatic visit by Warm Springs and/or Umatilla Indians to Oregon’s governor, showing how they parried each other with this language.

Hanging of the Chilicat Indian for the murder of T.J. Brown

I’m not going to reproduce this entire gruesome article, just the Chinuk Wawa-related sections.

Weird Jargon & shamans in Alaska

The above drawing by Heywood Walter Seton-Karr (1859-1938) as a member of the New York Times Alaska Expedition is the only substantial piece of Chinuk Wawa in his memoir…

Grand Ronde Chinuk Wawa explains puzzles in “The Earliest Clackamas Text”

See if you agree with this insight, will you?

When book reviewers critiqued your Jargon…they documented a Grand Ronde grammaticalization

I’ve previously written a couple articles about Robert Brown‘s overlooked fine Chinuk Wawa mastery.

Clatsop Indians remember Lewis & Clark

Fairly amazing oral history here!

How to (mis)use your review copy of a Chinuk Wawa dictionary

What do you do if someone gives you a free dictionary?

The first priest at the Dalles tells Bible stories in Chinuk Wawa

Early missionary use of Chinuk Wawa leaves a lasting impression on White observers:

Correction: Good & bad Chinook Jargon

A newspaper correction shows Settlers knew there was good & bad Chinook.

Doggerel, as political commentary, on the murder of a Native leader

It’s fictional Chinook Jargon (as loaned into English), but the topic is a distressing reality.