Monthly Archive: August, 2018

How do YOU say “vacation” in Chinuk Wawa?

I’m taking the kids to the even farther Northwest corner of America for a week. Back in a week! Leave a comment with your idea of how to say “vacation” in Jargon!! Dave… Continue reading

Hurry up Henry! And an urban legend in Chinuk Wawa

This is important: today we antedate “Henli” in Chinuk Wawa back to circa 1854 šŸ™‚

Tipsu Tyee counts coup in Chinuk Wawa

A short sentence, not of death.

Weirdly good Chinuk Wawa in 1904 Spokane paper

Weirdly good Chinook Jargon for a Spokane, WA, newspaper so late in frontier times…

Southwest Oregon names & Chinuk Wawa, 1826-1856

Chinuk Wawa and people’s names…

One argument for Chinuk Wawa as an official language

Again, from Oregon, wouldn’t you know!

From an Old Pioneer, with 6 degrees of separation

From a pioneer of 1853 who was evidently a lifelong friend of famous “Poet of the Sierras” and fellow Chinooker Joaquin Miller*: a letter home.


In the small portion of this book that I’ve accessed so far, there’s a nice Chinuk Wawa anecdote.

Story of a stumper, nearly?

Are you one of the few that have taught themselves to readĀ Chinuk pipa? (The “Chinook writing” shorthand.)