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Walkie-talkie, or, more new Lower Chinookan etymologies

Walkie-talkie! I like how that works. Let’s talk about < waki >. 

Definite article was also early in Chinuk Wawa…from Salish

Yet another grammatical operator that crystallized early in Chinuk Wawa: the definite article.

Reduplication also grammaticalized early in Chinuk Wawa — from Salish

It’s often been remarked that Chinook Jargon has lots of repetition, which has seemed strange to English- and French-speakers.

An embarrassing question to crowdsource!

File this one under “I dreamed it, but it didn’t come true” 🙂 

Big, tall, Salish?

Short and sweet 🙂 

A suffix -təmtəm?

I’ve pointed out various words of Chinuk Wawa that mutated away from their original, literal, meanings towards having abstract or even grammatical functions. Let’s take on a related puzzle.

Okook Tacoma, Chemawa, and speculative Chinook Jargon

An old piece of folklore about “Chemawa”:

Dictionary briefed for Forest Service officers

Of historical value:

Edwin Eells

Another no-comment post, from one column to the right of yesterday’s. Fun stuff 🙂  

Nica Ancutta Tilicum

Oldtimers getting sentimental in Jargon.